Table of Contents: non-Finnish European


Anatolian & Caucasian


East Caucasian



Fragments of Lappish Mythology

Pt. 1 "Doctrine of Deities"

Pt. 5 "Addition"



Si`f = Danai:d (comparison of Norse and Hellenic)


Hellenistic & Roman

measurements of paradise

Annus Platonicus

Hellenistic-Roman deities of the months

Religion of the Etruscans

Aleethee Dieegeemata = Veerae Historiae by Loukianos

"Cult of the Great Mother"


Physica by Hildegard



Irish mythology (comparisons with Puran.a and with Maori and other mythologies)

Irish mythology (comparisons with Hellenic and other mythologies)

Irish Mythology (comparisons with Hellenic mythology)

Cesair & Partholo`n (comparisons with Hellenic and other mythologies)

Descendants of Cerridwen (comparisons with Hellenic mythology)





Non-Christian European-Based Traditional Mysticism/Occultism -- WEBLINKS Hellenic, Italic, Euska, Keltic, Germanic, Slavic, etc.

Non-Christian European-Based Traditional Mythologies -- VIDEOS and PLAYLISTS Slavic, Norse, Keltic, Latin, Hellenic



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