Sub-Table of Contents : Austro-Asiatic & D.awid.a


Miao Creation-Epics [Hmub of Gwei-z^ou]

0-I. "Introduction" & "Praelude"

II.1-2. "Creating the Sky and Earth"; "Transporting Gold and Silver"

II.3-4. "The Suns and Moons": being "created", & being "shot down"

III.1-2. "The Tree-Seeds" : "house of", & being "sought"

III.3-5. "Ploughing"; "Sowing"; "Trial of the Ancient Sweet-Gum"

IV.1-4. "Butterfly Mother"; "Her Eggs' Hatching"; "Brethren Divide"; "Centipede"

IV.5-8. "Seaching for" : "Drums", "Ox", "Vestments"; "Ancestor-Sacrifice Hunt"

V-VI. "Great Flood"; "Westwards, Upriver"


other Miao religious literature

south of the clouds Yun-nan myths


Origin of the World [Lan-Na]

1. (gem elephant)

2. (tree folk)

3. (palace of cakra-vartin)


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