Table of Contents: Amerindian


Amerindian generally

Monsters, Tricksters, and Sacred ... Animal Tales

Polynesian parallels for AmerIndian "bird-nester" myth


South America

South American miscellany

Songs from the Sky -- South American

Pilgrims of the Andes Qamawara in Peru`

Spears of Twilight -- myths Ac^uar of Ecuador/Peru` border

Barbecued Husbands Rondo^nia myths

I Foresee My Life -- myths Kayabi of Mato Grosso

The Occult Life of Things -- myths mostly Waini`a river-valley

Watunna So>to of uppermost Orinoco in Venezuela

The Coming of the Sun Ika of northeastern Colombia


Hehe`newa Religious Thought Cubeo of southeastern Colombia

1-6. "Introduction"; "Creation"; "Social Order"; "Daily Life"; "Cosmic Order"; "Ritual Order"

7-10. "Death"; "Shamans"; "Power"; "Gendre"


embarkations Choco` of western Colombia

IV. "Repraesentations"

App. "Myths"


Middle America

Central & South America anthology

S^ahil chronicle Kaqc^ikel

Kaua, book of C^ilam Balam of Yucatec

Maya Sacred Geography

Codex Borgianus Mexicanus, pp. 29-46 (our interpretation of its structure)

Codex C^imal-popoka Aztec

Codex Vindobonensis Mexicanus 1, pp. 1-28 (correlated with various mythologies)

Codex Vindobonensis Mexicanus 1, pp. 29-52 (correlated with various mythologies)

Heavenly Stems in Codex Vindobonensis Mexicanus 1, p. 51 (correlated with Chinese/Thai)

Visions of a Wic^ol Shaman

Parallels (of Meso-American with antient Levantine)


North America

Songs from the Sky -- North American

Cahuilla myths southern California

Lushootseed Culture -- myths Puget Sound

Where Happiness Dwells Dane-Zaa myths (BC-AB border)




Inuit sexual mythology


South & Middle AmerIndian myths -- WEBLINKS

North AmerIndian myths -- VIDEOS

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