[cf. Latin /amni-/ (f.) 'torrential river' :

as in, J. G. R. Forlong : Rivers of Life; or, Sources and Streams of the Faiths of Man. London : Quaritch, 1883.]

(Veda = Samhita + Brahman.a + Aran.yaka +


Samhita of the Veda

R.c Veda & &

Saman Veda & &

Kr.s.n.a Yajus Veda

S`ukla Yajus Veda

Atharvan Veda & (partial) &


Brahman.a of the Veda

S`ata-patha Brahman.a

Go-patha Brahman.a (PDF)

Jaiminiya (Talavakara) Brahman.a (PDF)

Panc~a-vims`a Brahman.a (PDF)


Aran.yaka-m ('pertaining to a forest', viz., "taught/learned in a forest") of the Veda

Aitareya Aran.yaka

Br.hat Aran.yaka

S`ankha-ayana Aran.yaka

----------------------------------------------------------- (f.; 'sit-down nigh unto', viz., "sit at the feet of", scil., a guru) of the Veda

all the Upan.isad-s

A. G. Krishna Warrier (transl.) : The S`akta Adyar, 1967.


Sutra-m ('warpthread, mainthread; sacred thread')

Gr.hya-Sutra-s (S`ankha-ayana, As`vala-ayana, Paraskara, Khad.ira)

Samkhya Sutra-s of Kapila

Yoga-Sutra-s of Pat-an~jali


Iti-ha-asa (m.; 'thus indeed it-was')

Maha-bharata & & or

Rama-ayana & & &


Hari Vams`a


Partial Translation of Puran.a-m



(various & (PDF)



(Agni Puran.a) (incomplete : voll. 1st &4th only, of 4 volumes) e.g., &

Sanat-kumara Samhita of the S`iva Upa-puran.a


Maha-Puran.a-m ('great antique')

The 3 oldest Puran.a-s must be those listed in the Maha-Bharata

(1) the Markan.d.eya Puran.a (apparently originating in Sa-Markand, known as Marakande in the histories of the exploits of Alexandros),

(2) the Vayu Puran.a (Vayu = Ve, who according to the Edda is brother of Vili = Lithuanian Vilna = Pauran.ik Virin~ca and/or Virin~ci), and

(3) the Matsya Puran.a

list of Maha-Puran.a-s in the Vayu Puran.a {The Bhagavata and the Adi, however, are actually Upa-puran.a-s.}

1. Matsya (14000), 

2. Bhavis.ya (14500), 

3. Markan.d.eya (9000), 

4. Brahma-vaivarta (18000), 

5. Brahman.d.a (12100), 

6. Bhagavata (18000), 

7. Brahma (10000) , 

8. Vamana (10000), 

9. Adi-Purana {described in Obscure ReligiousTexts} (10600), 

10. Vayu (23000), 

11. Narad.iya (23000), 

12. Garud.a (19000), 

13. Padma (55000) 

14. Kurma (17000), 

15. Varaha (24000), 

16. Skanda (81900). Va.P.II.42.3-1 h 

List of Maha-puran.a-s in the Skanda Puran.a

Brahma, Padma, Vis.n.u, S`iva, S`rimad-Bhagavata, Narada, Markan.d.eya, Agni, Bhavis.ya, Brahma-vaivarta, Linga, Varaha, Skanda, Vamana, Kurma, Matsya, Garud.a, Brahman.d.a {The S`iva and S`rimad-Bhagavata and Linga, however, are actually Upa-puran.a-s.}

Matsya Puran.a


Brahma[n]-an.d.a Puran.a and identically also see (PDF files)

Padma Puran.a (PDF files; lacking 1st 2 voll.)

Markan.d.eya Puran.a e.g.

Vis.n.u Puran.a &;view=1up;seq=7 & e.g. & also

Garud.a Puran.a & &

Brahma[n] Puran.a & (hover cursor over fringes of page-margins to view page-numbers)

Agni Puran.a

Varaha Puran.a

Vamana Puran.a

Skanda Puran.a


Maha-atmya-m ('magnanimity', i.e., Book-Appendix) to Maha-Puran.a-m

Vasudeva Mahatmya to the Skanda Puran.a


Upa-Puran.a-m ('little antique')

Bhagavata Puran.a &;view=1up;seq=43

Devi-Bhagavata Puran.a

S`iva Puran.a (PDF files)

Linga Puran.a (PDF files)

Narada Puran.a & (PDF files)

Gan.a-isa Puran.a


Nila-mata Puran.a

Kalika Puran.a

Periya Puran.a


Mahatmya-m ('magnanimity', i.e., Book-Appendix) to Upa-Puran.a-m

S`ri Venkatacala Mahatmya to the Aditya-UpaPuran.a


T.ika (f.; 'Commentary') to Upa-Puran.a-m

T.ika to 10th skandha of Bhagavata Upa-Puran.a-m

T.ika to 11th skandha of Bhagavata Upa-Puran.a-m


Indices & Encyclopaediae of Iti-hasa & of Puran.a

Dowson's Classical Dictionary of Hindu Mythology

Index to the Names in the MahaBharata Index

Puran.ic Encyclopaedia by Vettam Mani & (search with accurate spelling of names, but with less accurate text) also


Other Amnaya

Laghu Yoga-Vasis.t.ha




(in Samskr.ta language) various Amnaya (m.; 'tradition; scripture')

samskr.ta text of Puran.a-s

Himalayan Academy

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references (names; locations, if applicable, within Iti-hasa or Puran.a), to 16 + 20 + 4 = 40 Gita-s