Vaidik physics






"The hidden names of the gods are mentioned in" R.c Veda 1:164:5, 5:3:2-3, 5:5:10, and 9:95:2.



commentators on the Veda-s : Sayan.a, Uvvat.a, and Mahidhara



salila (‘fluid’) is mentioned in R.c Veda 10:129:3 and became Ap-as according to S`ata-patha Brahman.a 11:1:6:1



the Supreme Being resideth in Parama Vyoma (‘remotest sky’) according to R.c Veda 10:129:7



Purus.a is aequated with Praja-pati in S`ata-patha Brahman.a 7:4:1:15 & in Jaiminiya Brahman.a 2:47



"Sayan.a also considers "das`angula" [10 fingers] to represent outside of the universe."

10 fingers extract the juice of the Soma, according to R.c Veda 9:46:6;

10 women call Soma to come to them in R.c Veda 9:56:3

{cf. the 10 spiro^t of Qabbalah}



¼ of Purus.a is incarnate; ¾ is immortal in heaven (R.c Veda 10:90:3)



¾ of Purus.a is above; ¼ is born again and again (R.c Veda 10:90:4)



from yajn~a of r.c-s (R.c Veda) came saman-s (Saman Veda); from that came chanda-s (‘metres’, viz. of the Atharvan Veda), and from that yajus (Yajus Veda), according to R.c Veda 10:90:9



Zeus : "To woo the daughter of Cletor he became an ant." {"Myrmidon was the son of Zeus by Eurymedusa, daughter of Kletor; Zeus having assumed the disguise of an ant (Clemens Alex. Admon. ad Gent. ...)." (HG, p. 185, fn.)} {This mention together of the animal-guises of Praja-pati and of Zeus is borrowed from MR&R, p. 196}



"At the end of thousand years Egg was divided in two by Vayu." (Vayu Puran.a 24:73) {Among Maier's emblems is that of "a swordsman taking aim at the Egg with his sword" (AA&PF, n. 39) – this is Michael Maier’s "Emblem 8" of 50 (AF)}



"Eighth Martan.d.a did not have differentiated organs. Adityas ... divided his organs." (S`ata-patha Brahman.a 3:1:3:3-4)



"After creating the universe and people, Prajapati went to sleep." (Taittiriya Brahman.a 1:2:6:1)



in R.c Veda 4:50:4 "Br.haspati is called ... having seven mouth[s]."



"Agastya represents the fixed center of the universe." {converse to Purus.a was "Agastya, who weighed equal to three fourth of the world" (HT). AGaSTya went to ILvala (ID; CRV, p.131 = VR Aranya 11), just as the maternal grandfather of AiGeSTes dwelt at ILion (GM 137.b, g).}; the bow donated by Agastya (A) may be aequivalent to the bow of Philo-ktetes the fortifier (GM 169.m) of Aigeste.}


"Lopamudra represents the state of vanished matter and energy." [lopa ‘vanished’] {is the LUPA ‘she-wolf’ foster-mother of Romulus & Remus pertinent?}



"Vr.tra covered all three lokas." (Taittiriya Samhita 2:4:12:2)



according to R.c Veda 1:32:12, "Indra became the hair of horse." {‘horse’s hair’ Hrossharsgrani was foster-father to Starkadr, MR, vol 52 (1807), p. 361. Starkadr caused his praedecessor to stand on (VA, p. 422) a tree-stump, just as tree-stump is a guise of Inktomi the spider-god = spider-gods (ER&E 5:317b) Kala-khan~ja-s, or Kala-keya-s, whose sea was quaffed up by (M 105) Agastya.}



"The myth of a frog that drank all the waters is found among ... Algonkins, Australian ... and Andaman Islanders." {This is the frog (possibly, according to HM, p. 101, a substitute for the fish of the Taittiriya Samhita; but surely not for Vr.tra) who, according to the Maha-bharata, betrayed (HM, p. 102; consequently whose tongue, viz., voice was thus affected) the hiding-place of Agni; "dense water" (tritium) is consumed as source of energy for the stars, according to the S`iva Puran.a – [Norse] To`rr & [Cymry] Sugyn likewise quaffed up all the sea.} {frogs may eat small fishes; therefore "fisher lad" is (PS) Pelagon = Parjanya (*Paljanya) to whom are sacrificed (S`YV 24:21 – TWhYV, p. 220) frogs}



according to the Kaus.itaki Brahman.a 6:9, "Indra is As`ani (thunderbolt)."



Vr.tra = "surface tension"; Indra = "electric repulsion force".



"Trita ... killed Varaha using iron fingernails." (R.c Veda 10:99:6)

Trita = "magnetic properties"



"of galaxies ... superclusters are located over the surface of giant bubbles. ... We have a reference to this large scale structure ... : "When Apah. were heated, foam (Phena) was created."" (S`ata-patha Brahman.a 6:1:3:2)



Bhumi = "the entire universe"



Maya-jala = "measured web"; /maya/ is from /ma/ ‘to measure’


Pr.thivi = "observor space"

Dyau = "Light space"

Antariks.a = "Intermediate space ... between observer space and light space"



"I place earth and heaven inside you. I place wide atmosphere inside you." (Yajus Veda 7:5) {"The kingdom of God is within you." (Euangelion according to Loukas 17:21)}


maya-kos`a-s (of Taittiriya 2:2-5) = levels of observation :-

anna = macroscopic; pran.a = microscopic; etc.



"Vis.n.u’s ... third step is beyond the sight of humans" (R.c Veda 1:155:5); "Vis.n.u knows the remotest" (R.c Veda 7:99:1)


"Vis.n.u killed Varaha and stole cooked food." (R.c Veda 1:61:7)

Varaha = "the surface of the universe"

"Ironically in the, Vis.n.u takes incarnation as Varaha."



"the universe is woven in string ... that is Vayu." (S`ata-patha Brahman.a 8:7:3:10)

Vayu = force-"field"



"holes ... of quantum physics ... are referred to in a verse in the Yajurveda. "May Pr.thivi, Vayu and Dyau complete your holes."" (Yajus Veda 23:43)



"This Pr.thivi was without hair earlier." (S`ata-patha Brahman.a 2:2:4:3)

"This Pr.thivi is like the back of the tortoise." (Maha-bharata, S`anti-parvan 300:6) {cf. Amerindian mythic earth as turtle}

"Even modern physicists use similar analogy when they say that black holes do not have hair meaning that field lines can not emerge form a black hole." {the red-shift in quasars is supposedly due to vibration of light being slowed – cf. the slowness of the tortoise.}



"Seven were its enclosures (Paridhi), three times seven were made firelogs (Samidha)." (R.c Veda 10:90:15) {related to the 21 times that the ks.atriya varn.a was exterminated according to the Puran.a?} {might the "firelogs" have a relation to the primaeval vibrating wooden rod of Yaki (in Sonora) cosmology, and to the primaeval hollow tree emitting a humming sound of Papuan cosmologies? -- and might the three have a relation to the 3 possible tones of Yoruba (and other West African languages) vowels?}



"Directions are enclosed metres." (S`ata-patha Brahman.a 6:5:2:7)

"Directions have properties of iron." (S`ata-patha Brahman.a 13:2:10:3)



"Aptya (Trita), knowledgeable of forefather’s weaponry, fought for long period. Trita killed the three-headed with seven rays, and obtained the cow’s of"’s son. (R.c Veda 10:8:8) "In the Aitareya Brahman.a ... [is mentioned the] three-headed son of" "called Vairupa."



"Speech has four quarters ... . Three of them are hidden ... . People speak only the fourth one." (R.c Veda 1:164:45)



"Sanskrit Agni became Ignis in Latin, Ugnis in Lithuanian and Ogni in Slavonic."

Agni = "energy"


"Immortals purified three brilliant forms of Agni. Out of them one who eats was placed where death is inevitable, the other two went in sibling spaces." (R.c Veda 3:2:9)



"Waters pervade the whole universe, which hold fire in its womb." (R.c Veda 10:121:7)



"Apah. is the soup of matter-antimatter particles that pervades the universe." {this is commonly known as the "Dirac sea"}



according to the 25th chapter of the Padma Puran.a, the daitya Vas.kali granted to Vis.n.u 3 strides : Surya-loka, Dhruva-loka, and the piercing of the "cover of the universe", wherethrough descended the Ganga



Rudra = "radiation"



Marut-s = "radiation pressure"



Vac = "mass-energy"



pas`u = subatomic "particle"



gramya = "boson"

aran.ya = "fermion"



vayavya = "field particle"

aja = "localized energy" {viz., energy-well}



avi ‘sheep’ = Vais`ya;

aja ‘goat’ = S`udra;

as`va "horse is Ks.atriya" (S`at.a-patha Brahman.a 13:2:2:15);

gau "cow was born from the mouth of Prajapati" (S`at.a-patha Brahman.a 12:7:1:4), just as "Brahman.a was born from the mouth of purus.a" (R.c Veda 10:90:12)



R.c Veda 1:163:1 -- "You have ... arms of deer." {cf. Keruneian hind}



R.c Veda 1:163:9 – "His horns are golden, his feet are of iron" {this hind "had brazen hooves and golden horns like a stage, so ths some call her a stag." (GM 125.a) "In Europe, [among doe deer] only reindeer does have horns" (GM 125.2).}



gramya pas`u-s = "quarks"


"depiction of the the Purus.a animal only as a mythical unicorn." {Qayin (Cain) is said (according to midras^) to have had a single horn (MC, p. 59)}



"Agni was earlier of four types. ... [The 1st 3 types were the] three Aptya gods ... – Ekata, Dvita, and Trita." (S`at.a-patha Brahman.a 1:2:3:1-2)



"Aja was born from perturbation (S`oka) of Agni ... and gods became gods due to Aja." (Yajus Veda 13:51; Atharvan Veda 1:14:1)



"Cow is the mother of Rudras,

daughter of Vasus,

sister of Adityas,

and should not be killed." (R.c Veda 8:101:15)



"Cows having one, two, four, eight or nine legs are mentioned" in R.c Veda 10:62:7



Savitr@ "comes on a golden chariot observing the universe." (R.c Veda 1:35:2)



"His horses, which are dark in color but have white legs, carrying the chariot with golden front have seen the people well." (R.c Veda 1:35:5)


"He has seen the eight summits of earth, three joint regions and seven seas." (R.c Veda 1:35:8) {the 8 mountains, arranged around mt. Meru in the cardinal directions, are named and described in the Puran.a-s; as also are the 7 seas}


Savitr@ "has golden hands (verse 10) and golden eyes (verse 8) ... also ... golden tongue [R.c Veda 6:71:3]". {cf. [Makedonian] Mides (Midas) of the golden touch, and [Aztec god of gold] Xipe Totec}



in R.c Veda 6:56:3, "is described as rotating the golden wheel of the sun." in R.c Veda 6:58:3, "is said to be the messenger of the sun." {cf. [Aztec messnger-god] Paynal}



Varun.a = "electron"


"The net of Varun.a is mentioned ... in" the R.c Veda (1:24:13; 1:24:15; 1:25:21; 7:88:7). "Varun.a’s net is not made of ropes, but people are caught in it." (R.c Veda 7:84:2)



according to S`at.a-patha Brahman.a 5:2:5:17, "everything that is black belongs to Varun.a."



Mitra = "proton"



Aryaman = "neutron"



according to Br.hat-devata 3:19-22, concerning the sage Dadhica : "upon his nod, As`vins cut the head of the sage ... and received the knowledge of Madhu. ... As`vins joined the original head of the sage and revived him." {possibly cf. [Keltic] Bran & [Thraikian] Orpheus}



2 As`vin-s = 2 poles of magnet



In R.c Veda 1:180:2 and in R.c Veda 8:22:17, the As`vin-s are called "drinkers of honey.

According to" R.c Veda 1:112:21 & 10:40:6, As`vin-s "provide honey to honeybees.

His chariot is called Madhuvarn.a, having color of honey, in" R.c. Veda 5:77:3. "His chariot is also called Madhuvahana, vehicle for carrying honey, in" R.c Veda 1:34:2; 1:157:3; & 10:41:2. {besides bees, butterflies also suck honey : cf. the pair S^iuh-nel & his comrade Mi-mic^ "(True Turquoise and Arrow Fish)" (GAM) in the [Aztec] myth (ILK, p. 61) of the butterfly-goddess Itz-papalotl; in that myth Mi-mic^ entered the flame, a typical action by a moth}



"O As`vins, ... Like (warm) clothes are intimately connected with winter, you to come very near to wise people." {cf. [Aztec] "Tloque, Nahuaque, Lord of the Close, of the Near." (ILK, p. 18)}



"auspicious green horses of Surya are wonderful ... and always moving." (R.c Veda 1:115:3)

"His green horses can take two forms, one of infinite brightness ... and the other black." (R.c Veda 1:115:5)

"Surya as ... Harikes`a, having green hair" (R.c Veda 10:37:9) {cf. bronze-green-bearded sea-god Glaukos (OM 13.900sq) : this is "tinted green like the patina of bronze." (CDCM, s.v. "Glaucus")}



"Sun was born from Vr.tra." (Atharvan Veda 4:105)


14.1 "shows her breasts like a dancer" (R.c Veda 1:92:4). "keeps her breasts open" (R.c Veda 6:64:2).



"Everyday Indra removed half the people, similar to the other half but black in color, born in his house." (R.c Veda 6:47:21)



according to Aitareya Brahman.a 7:3:1-6, "King Haris`candra had one hundred wives, but he had no son. He prayed to Varun.a for a son and promised to sacrifice him. Varun.a granted his wish and soon this son Rohita was born. ...



When nobody was willing to sacrifice S`unah. S`epa[s], his selfish father Ajigarta agreed to do so ... . At this point S`unah. S`epa[s] started to pray to the gods".



Pan.i-s = "force of gravitation"



"Weaving that enclosure by Yama" (R.c Veda 7:33:9[; also, on p. 188, 7:33:12]) {cf. "the famous "enclosure of Yima," as related in Videvdat 2.20-43" (DW&S, p. 38). Yima "expanded earth" to form as city a vara (‘enclosure’) with "walls of kneaded clay", with "one self-luminous window, and with one door which was sealed up" (FM, s.v. "Yima). translation in AVF2}



"Mohenjo-daro ... "fig-deity" seal. ... Fish sign". {cf. fig-tree grasped by Odusseus above whirlpool (HO 12.430sq)}

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here is an alternative explanation of Vis.n.u (& of Makha)

his is (according to R.c Veda 1:155:6 – VM, p. 38) a wheel of 4 "names" * 90 --

cf. 4 phases of alternating-current cycle, each phase of 90 degrees

those 90 being horses.

cf. "horsepower"?

according to AB 1:30 (OST, p. 129), "Vis.n.u is the door-keeper of the gods"

cf. a shunt on an electronic circuit

by means of emmets gnawing into the tense bowstring, the head of Vis.n.u became (according to S`B 14:1 – HIPh, vol. 2, p. 536) the sun.

Vis`va-karman took "the head of a horse, brought it before the Devas and fixed it on the headless body of Vis.n.u." (DBhP 1:5:106-112) Thus Vis.n.u became Haya-griva

on the sun there are sunspots, which rotate [similarly to a wheel] – caused by a force [tension]

in PB 7:5:6 (OST, vol. 4, p. 129), however, its is the head of Makha (rather than of Vis.n.u) which is transformed (in the pravargya), as likewise also in TA 5:1:1-7 (OST, vol. 4, p. 128), in which latter case this being the result of his (Makha’s) smiling concerning the emmets

the place of the valmika (‘emmet’) is the source of the rainbow (according to the MSV, p. 5) – likewise according to Australia lore, the rainbow-god inciteth "green" emmets (BC, pp. 378-382)

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here is an alternative explanation of : "Directions are enclosed metres." & "Directions have properties of iron."

metres, as used in poe:tic diction, are encoding-devices

encoding-devices may be responsible for the "illusion" of physical structure

directionality may be defined by orientation of magnetic (and other) force-fields

directionality in the "illusion" of physical structure may be dependent on the relations among the same encodings

here is an alternative explanation of : "Speech has four quarters ... . Three of them are hidden".

the 3 hidden aspects of poe:tic diction may be : metre, accent (tone), and punctuation

these aspects may create akas`a (aither, space) as an "illusion"

here is an alternative explanation of : "three brilliant forms of Agni."

the "one who eats was placed where death is inevitable"

this may be the warmth of one’s living physical body

"the other two went in sibling spaces."

these may be one’s "sun" (one’s soul, at the solar plexus) and the luminiferous aura (around one’s body)

here are alternative explanations of some animals and of several deities

"Avi (sheep) particle is given this name, because this particle closely resembles field." (p. 118)

magnetic field-line

"As`va (horse) particle ... of the fast speed of horse." (p. 118)

cosmic ray

Trita (‘3rd’)

tritium (nucleus)

Gandharva (singer)


Ekata (‘1st’)

ordinary hydrogen (nucleus)

Dvita (‘2nd’)

deuterium (nucleus)

A-ja Eka-pad (‘uncreated one-foot’)

ground-state (lowest energy-state) [as in supercondustors]

gau (cow) having 1, 2, 4, 8, or 9 legs

quasiparticle having fractional charge

here is an alternative explanation of Varun.a (& of Mitra)

Varun.a’s net which catcheth people

gravitational field

"everything that is black belongs to Varun.a."

black = absence of electro-magnetic energy, but allowing gravitaion



Aryaman [in later literature described as god of the galaxy]

undiminishable minimal gravitational field (of quantum nature, but macroscopic)

here are an alternative explanations of Soma et al.

Soma as psychoactive drug

mental energy (psychic, not physical)

Dadhi-an~c, whose head rejoined his body

"walk-in" (capacity to enter the bodies of non-conscious persons during transvection)

2 As`vin-s as clothing

perispirit & aura



here is an alternative explanation of Indra

"Everyday Indra removed half the people".

half-life in radioactivity

here is an alternative explanation of Rohita

Varun.a is able

by means of Rohita

to gratify Harit-candra’s wish.

gravitation is able,

by means of a waterfall,

to rotate water-wheel.

Ajigartta [= Agartha, the underground system of tunnels] sought to immolate his own son, but that son was freed.

Coal, mined out from underground tunnels, may be sought to pollute the world with coal-dust, but alternative energy-sources will become available.

here is an alternative explanation of Sarama

[having been fed milk by the Pan.i-s,

Sarama later vomited that milk]

having been fed nuclear forces,

the pion later (upon separation from the nucleus) spontaneously loseth some of that force, thereby manifesting as a muon; then upon losing the residue of that force, becometh fully manifest in its original ground-state as an electron