Tales from Yunnan



p. 60 attempts (all unsuccessful) by Gamupeng (goldsmith / silversmith) to descend from heaven down to Mukemudamu, after the emmets had collapsed the 9 earthen terraces {cf. ziqqurat} which had been used (p. 59) as a staircase connection


Borneo: in west



rattan & bamboo


ropes of gold & of silver

Borneo: in east

pp. 61-2 the 2 suns

p. 61 "two suns were a man and a woman. The one shot by the hunter was the male, and ... the female sun ... fled ... and hid behind the mountain."

The S^into sun-goddess Amaterasu hid herself in a cavern; Hera (as likewise Demeter) hid herself in a cavern.

a green earring was dropped by "Miss Sun" to rooster

green tail of reddish rooster; cf. also the jade of Chalchiuh-totolin ("Jade Bird")

p. 62 thereafter, our "sun was the female sun, while the male, who had been shot and blinded by the hunter, became the moon. ... the hunter's soul ascended to the moon after he died. The black spot that people see there today is the shadow of the hunter as he moves about on the moon."

according to Ploutarkhos (De orbe), the psukhe remaineth on the moon, whilst the noos ascendeth thence.

p. 63 the blang was shot with a single arrow, from above.

Bellerophon shot the Khimaira with arrows from above (GM 75.c).

the blang by whom Peng was "followed" (p. 63) may have also (like the hunter) been a shadow

p. 64 Trees chopped-down by Penggenpeng were re-instated by sky-god Mubengge,

Cf. [Maori] trees chopped down by Rata being re-instated by deities

to whose daughter Penggenpeng was led by a tigre.


p. 65 Mumeiji (this daughter of Mubengge) was one-eyed and married Penggenpeng, whilst Mubengge's other daughter married a fish.

Cf. [Kalabari] fish-god Tanze with daughter of a king

Mumeiji concealed rice under her own fingernails.

[Maori] goddess had fire concealed in her fingernails.

When Mumeiji was travelling with her husband Penggenpeng to this world, he was warned not to look backward; but did so and thereby lost.

Ditto, for Euru-dike and her husband Orpheus

She continued with him to this world, however.

likewise in the Maori harrowing of the world of the souls of the dead

GM = Robert Graves: The Greek Myths. 1955.



p. 68 Twins (brother Mahei & sister Maniu) entered a drum for the universal deluge

brother Tened-s & his sister Hemi-thea were cast into sea within barrel (GM 161.g)

p. 69 Mahei, within wooden drum during universal deluge, saw "Dead people" and thereupon applied "beeswax".

Odusseus, aboard his ship during the passage by the Seirenes, saw human skeletons, but wore wax in his hears.

p. 70 as survivors of deluge, Mahei & Maniu wished for progeny

as survivors of deluge, Deukalion & his wife Purrha wished to re-populate the world

p. 71 they enabled grandma Apierer to emerge out of "navel" of inhabited gourd, by burning her

cf. Ainu fire-goddess; our ancestress S^into goddess Izana-mi who was burned to death in giving birth. Inhabited gourd-worlds are typical Daoism. Hopi Sipapu is world's navel (for "umbilical cord" -- BH, p. 24), whence humanity emerged.

p. 72 "After all the people came out, the gourd died and disappeared. ... The place was called Bie'enmuxi, and is now in the mountainous Youle region."

When the gourd-liana of Yo^nah died, it was likened to the people, specified as being those of Ninweh, in the mountainous >as^s^ur region.

BH = Frank Waters: Book of the Hopi. Viking Penguin, 1963.



p. 181 "a magic bull. When he moves through the water, the water makes way for him."

"a bull might emerge from the sea. At once, a dazzlingly-white bull swam ashore" to Minos. (GM 88.c)

p. 183 magic carrying-pole of old man & old woman

A brother (GM 88.a) of Minos was Rhadamanthus, whose name "may stand for Rhabdomantis, 'divining with a wand'" (GM 88.9). Norse (in Edda): carrying-pole named Simul, belonging to Hjuki and his sister Bil



p. 86 attempts to coax the remaining sun (female) and moon (male) back into the sky, after they had gone into hiding when 8 of 9 suns and 7 of 8 moons had been shot down (p. 85) with hemp by Sunbird

Brindle Bull

The Mino-tauros is descended from Poseidon.

Flying Horse

Pegasos is son of Poseidon (GM 73.h).

Big Rooster (successful)


p. 87 Big Rooster was gifted with gold comb by moon {cf. comb discarded by Izana-gi in order to escape from his wife Izana-mi}



p. 88 fashioning of the universe from the body-parts of "a giant rhinoceros-like beast called li, which had fog and clouds for its friends and companions."

the flayed hide

heaven (sky)















4 legs

"four huge pillars ... erected on the four corners of the earth to prop up heaven."

"a great turtle under the earth to hold it up. ... But should he move his body the slightest bit, the whole earth would wobble."

the 9 sun sistren & the 10 moon brethren (p. 89): all the others were shot down with arrows, so that (p. 89) "Now all that was left in the sky was one sun and one moon".

p. 90 "A rain of blood poured from the sky, and made the earth much cooler. ...

rains of blood occurred in 1009 & 1028 (220)

and even the feet of silver pheasants all were dyed red by the blood of the suns and the moons that fell on them."

"... that thy foot may be dipped in the blood of thine enemies" (THLYM 68:24).

"his eighteenth arrow ... it brushed past the moon and scared him so much that he broke out in a cold sweat."

{18 uinalob ("moons, months") in Maya tun (360-day year)} {sweating by denizens of the moon is mentioned by Loukianos in Alethe Diegemata, connectible (LSFN, p. 139) with rivers of milk and honey in the Promised Land}

p. 91 "ADUMa, the black-capped partridge, ... dyed his bottom red".

>DUMMi^m (a defile-pass nigh [YHWS^< 18:17] GLILo^t [= GaLILee, that circle of Christ whose DaM "blood" redeemeth those birdlike angels]) {the myth of birds' dyeing their plumage in blood is widespread among South American Indian tribes}

pp. 91-92 animals who successively sought to enable to liberate sun & moon from cavern

a swallow (who discovered that they were in cavern)

a swarm of fireflies


boar (who succeeded, by pushing away boulder blocking cavern -- p. 93)

220 = www.bible.ca/pre-date-setters.htm

LSFN = Georgiadou & Larmour: Lucian's Science Fiction Novel. Brill, Leiden, 1998.



p. 107 "right alongside our Moon Mountain, there was once a towering mountain called Sun Mountain, even higher than Moon Mountain."

At Teotihuacan, right alongside our Moon pyramid, there is a towering pyramid called Sun pyramid, even higher than Moon pyramid.

Grandpa Xiang "caught a glimpse of ... eagle clutching a tiny red snake it its talons".

This was witnessed at Mexico city by the first-arriving immigrants.

p. 108 The red snake was released when grandpa Xiang "flung his basket at the eagle."

Me[ztli]-xico is "moon-navel"; so the basket may repraesent a "night of the moon", viz. [Maori] Takataka-putea.

"dazzling red light ..., and then a column of black smoke could be seen ... The snake had disappeared".

"S`arah bore you" (YS^<YH 51:2) [allusion to vanishing of angel into smoke]

p. 111 This same red-snake-woman (married during the interim to grandpa Xiang), having become a living red-carp-head, was kept fed thus for 81 days.

Converse (genders opposite) of [Maori] eel-headed god Tuna (paramour of goddess Hina) metamorphizing into food (coconut).

p. 112 "giant stone fish"

[Maori] fish of Nahue



p. 144 "Bubo decided to kill the Thunder God. He would have his flesh preserved in salt."

"MONTH 5. May 4 - May 23 TOXCATL- Dryness. ... In a great ceremony a Tezcatlipoca youth/impersonator was put to death. The four wives given to the impersonator were called Xochiquetzatl, Xilonen, Atlatonan, and Vixtocioatl" (of whom the last is the salt-goddess.

"MONTH 7. June 13 - July 2 TECUILHUITONTLI- Little Feast Day of the Lords. Xochipilli and Huixtocihuatl were worshiped. ... In this and the previous month, special ceremonies to the deities of rain and the goddess of salt". (MFM)

p. 146 The Thunder God "began sipping indigo dye" through "a hollow rice stalk".

The Aztec god-impersonator likewise sipped through a hollow stalk.

p. 147 Sowing of Thunder God's tooth resulted in the a deluge accompanied the advent of "shrimp soldiers and crab generals". Bubo rode out these waters on an overturned umbrella as boat.

Sowing of teeth from water-spring dragon by Kadmos -- who was the son (CDCM, s.v. "Cadmus") of Ogugos (king over the Ektenian deluge -- CDCM, s.v. "Ogygus") -- resulted in soldiers. The residue of the teeth were imparted to Iason, who travelled abroad thence in the Argoi.

MFM = http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Square/1140/fest.html

CDCM = Pierre Grimal: Concise Dictionary of Classical Mythology. Basil Blackwell, 1990.



p. 194 Son of the elephant [cf. naga "dragon" as figurative for "elephant"] was

A son of (GM 59.c) the sown (dragon-tooth) man Ekhion was Pentheus,

(p. 195) the "head-baby", who

whose head was wrenched off (GM 27.f) by his own mother Agaue,

was later rejected by (p. 197) six elder sistren.

after he had spied upon (CDCM, s.v. "Pentheus") the Mainades.


Lucien Miller (ed.); Guo Xu & Xu Kun (trs.): South of the Clouds : Tales from Yunnan. U. of WA Pr, Seattle, 1994.