On the Origin of the World

Nag Hammadi Codices 2:5; 13:2

Brit. Lib. Or. 4926(1)

(p. 205) 100. great lion of God

"for the first time an archon appeared, out of the waters, lionlike in appearance, ... ignorant of where he came from."

"in the water he saw the likeness [of "something frightful" "like an aborted fetus" from chaos (p. 204) 99.] that spoke to him" and called him Ialda-baoth. "Those who are perfect call him Ariael, because he is like a lion."

(p. 205) 101. the 3 progenies of Ialda-baoth

the __

said __

and became named __










(p. 205) 101-102. masculine & feminine names of the 7 androgynous beings




Sambathas = forethought [Pronoia, who fell in love with the messenger of light (p. 209) 108.]












Sophia (wisdom)

(pp. 207-208) 104-106. Sabaoth & Zoe; Holy Spirit

(p. 207) 104.

Sabaoth : "Pistis Sophia pointed her finger and poured over him light from her light". Sabaoth hath as his sister "the thought of the chief creator who moves to and fro over the waters." "When Sabaoth occupied that place of rest [repose] ..., Pistis also gave him her daughter Zoe ..., so that she might tell him about everything in the eighth heaven."


"The cherubim throne has eight figures on each side of the four corners, figures of lions, bulls, humans, and eagles, and there are a total of sixty-four figures." {these figures are the H.ayyo^t (‘lives’) = Zoai (plural of Zoe ‘life’)} {cf. the Chinese 64 hexagrams}

(p. 208) 105-6.

"the virgin of the holy Spirit sits upon a throne ... Seven virgins stand before her, with thirty harps and lyres and trumpets in their hands".


"Sabaoth sits on a throne covered with a great light cloud. No one was with him in the cloud except Sophia daughter of Pistis". {Sophia (‘wisdom’) was the emanation who had "flowed from Pistis [‘faith’]", according to (p. 203) 98.; Sophia is "the daughter of" Ialda-baoth, according to (p. 206) 103:1}

(p. 208) 106-107. Death


"Death was established over the sixth heaven, for Sabaoth had been carried away from there. ...

Since death was androgynous, he had sex with himself and produced seven androgynous children. ...


They had sex with each other, and each one conceived seven children, ... total forty-nine androgynous demons."

(p. 208) 107. male & female names of the 7 good androgynous powers created by Zoe

















{cf. "faith, hope, charity (love)" (1st Corinthians 13:13)}

(pp. 210-211) 110-111. plants

(p. 210) 109.

[praevious to the creation of paradise,] "After Eros, a grapevine sprouted up ..., so that those who drink of the fruit of the vine are filled with sexual desire.

After the grapevine, ... a pomegranate tree sprouted up".


"Then justice created paradise. Paradise ... is outside the circuit of the moon and the circuit of the sun {"had no need of the sun, neither of the moon" (Apokalupsis of Ioannes 21:23)} in the land of pleasure, which is in the east in the rocky region" {12 rocky foundations (Apokalupsis of Ioannes 21:14)} .

"The tree of life eternal ... is in the north of paradise to give immortality to the souls of holy people ... at the end of the age.

The tree of life looks like the sun ... It leaves are like the leaves of the cypress, its fruit is like a cluster of white grapes, and its height reaches the sky.

Next to it is the tree of knowledge ... It is glorious as the moon ... Its leaves are like fig leaves and its fruit is like a bunch of ... dates. {hence, the date-beverage in the eucharist of the Nas.uray/Manda<} The tree of knowledge is in the north of paradise".

(p. 211) 111.

"The olive tree appeared through the light of the first Adam for the sake of the oil of anointing that kings and high priests would receive.

The first soul, Psyche, loved Eros, who was with her, and she poured her blood upon him {she (his sister-in-law) wiped his brow with her skirt, unwittingingly contaminating his pipe-music (AH, p. 35 – M119:61)} ...

From that blood the first rose {‘rose’ is /H.BaS.S.elet/ (Strong’s 2261), cognate with /H.BaS.a/ ‘pulse (of artery or of heart)’ (LA-L 1:335a), /miH.BaS./ ‘string-instrument (to accompany singing)’ (LA-L 1:335b)} sprouted ...,

out of a thorn bush, to give to joy to the light

that would appear in the bramble. {this would be a total of 6 plants, 1 more than the "5 trees in paradise" counted in the Gospel of Thomas 19:3 (p. 142) 36.}


Next, ... flowers of every kind sprouted upon the earth from the blood of each of the virgin daughters of Forethought."

AH = Keith & Kenneth Parsons : A Hmao (Hua Miao) Songs, Stories and Legends from China. Lincom, Muenchen, 2009.

Strong’s = Hebrew & Aramaic Dictionary of Bible Words.

LA-L = Georgii Wilhelmi Freytagii : Lexicon Arabico-Latinum. Librairie du Liban, Beirut, 1975.

(pp. 211-213) 112-115. creations by Sophia and by Zoe

(p. 211) 112.

"Sophia, who is in the lower heaven, received authority from Pistis and created great heavenly lights and all the stars and she placed them in the sky".

(p. 213) 115.

"After Adam was made, the chief creator abandoned him ... he left his modeled body forty days without soul, and he withdrew and left him. On the fortieth day Sophia Zoe blew her breath into Adam, in whom there was no soul. He began to crawl on the ground". {cf. the 4-legged crawling infant in the riddle of the Sphinx, solved by Oidi-pous}

(pp. 214-215) 116:8-117:15 goddess’s entry into tree; gang-rape of the woman who was substituted for her

(p. 214) 116.

Zoe "secretly left something that resembled her with Adam. {cf. Nephele who resembled Hera, being left with Iksion} She entered the tree of knowledge and stayed there. The rulers chased her, and she revealed to them {revelation of gnosis ‘knowledge’} that she had entered the tree and had become a tree. {cf. Daphnis becoming a tree when pursued by Apollon} The blind powers fell into great fear and ran away." [they reposed themselves "from their fear" on the Day of Repose (S^abbat) – (p. 214) 115.]

(p. 215) 117.

[The "something that resembled her" was Eua :-] "They came to her, seized her, and ejaculated their semen on her. ... They defiled her in ways natural and obscene. First they defiled the seal of her voice" {viz., within her mouth}.

(p. 213) 114:4-24 soliloquy by Eua

Origin of the World

(p. 200) Thunder, the Perfect Mind 13:19-14:9

"I am part of my mother ...

"I am the limbs of my mother ...

I am the wife,

I have had many weddings and

I am the virgin. ...

have taken no husband. ...

I am the comforter of birth pains.

I am the solace of my own birth pains.

My husband produced me, and

... my husband produced me.

I am his mother.

... my husband ... is my offspring. ...

... my strength is from him."

He is my strength".

(p. 215) 117. the 3 Adam-s

the __ Adam

is __

and appeared on the __ day of creation


spiritual, of light






earthly, of law


(p. 216) 119. the fruit of the tree of knowledge

[God had said : "be careful not to eat from the tree of knowledge" (p. 215) 118.] "He said this to you because he is jealous". {"I the Lord (YHWH) thy god am a Jealous god" (S^MWT 20:5)}

"When they had eaten, the light of knowledge shone on them ... and they fell in love."

When the rulers realized that Adam and Eua had broken their commandment, "they entered paradise and came ... with an earthquake". [cf. "the sixth heaven, the heaven of Sophia ... disrupted by the troublemaker who was beneath them all. The six heavens shook". (p. 206) 102.]

(p. 218) 122. triads







1000-year lifespan

is consumed



by fire

by water


"worm" {‘crimson-grub’ Strong’s 8438} (palm-tree – fn. 83)

3 bulls (Apis & Mnevis – fn. 80)

hudria (fn. 78) water-animals

(pp. 220-221) 125:32-126:35 the end of the age

Origin of the World

Apokalupsis of Ioannes

(p. 220) 125. "Before the end [of the age], this whole region will shake with loud thunder."

10:4 "the seven thunders had uttered their voices"

126. "the angels will grieve for their human beings, the demons will weep over their times and seasons".

18:10, 16, 19 "saying, Alas, alas"

"The kings will be drunk ... from the blood that is poured out."

14:8, 10 "drink the wine of the wrath" ("and blood came out of the winepress" 14:20)

"The sun will darken and the moon will lose its light.

6:12 "the sun became black ... and the moon ..."

The stars of the sky will abandon their circuits".

6:13 "the stars of the heaven fell"

"the gods of chaos ... will be like mountains blazing with fire [volcanoes (fn. 95)], and they will consume one another until they are destroyed by their chief creator. When he destroys them, he will turn on himself and attack himself ...

8:8 "a great mountain burning with fire was cast"

The heavens of the gods of chaos will collapse upon one another ... The chief creator’s heaven will fall and split in half."

6:14 "the heaven departed as a scroll" {cf. also the splitting of the moon in the Qur>an}

(p. 221) 127. the new age

"the source of darkness will be dissolved.

Deficiency will be pulled out by its root". {cf. naks.atra Mula-barhan.i ‘uprooting}

"The glory of the unbegotten will appear and fill all the eternal realms when the prophets and the writings [Nabi>i^m & Ktubi^m] ... are revealed and fulfilled by those who are called perfect.

Those who have not become perfect in the unbegotten Father will receive glory in ... the kingdoms of immortals, but they will never enter the kingless region."

The Nag Hammadi Scriptures, ed. by Marvin Meyer. HarperOne, NY, 2007. pp. 199-221.