Mindanaw mythology

parts of each person (pp. 209-210)



(p. 209) lowoh

physical body






breath, "visualized as a kind of string. When a person died, the breath-string was cut" {cf. [Hellenic] thread of the Moirai}

? (p. 210)

"umbilical-cord-twin" = conductor of soul of the dead -- "They crossed together a cosmic bridge that separated the Realm of the Dead from the Realm of the Mountaintops"


"they died when they had chosen to die, in the manner they had also chosen" {? via karman}

(p. 221) "gall bladder"


cosmic realms (ined), going eastward -- shaman had "been there" (p. 211), "had traveled it" in dreams (p. 218)



name of realm

its divine denizens

p. 203


keilawan "human"

segoyon "caretakers" of: Fire; Bamboo; Rattan; Spirit of Rice

p. 206

Little Green Women -- pygmy-sized, green-bodied, green-clad, green-haired -- around strangler-fig trees


rasak "swamp"

Swamp Spirits -- human-sized, back-bodied, black-haired, black-clad, caretakers of wild swine -- "attempting to seduce" humans sexually (p. 48)

p. 206

water-spring spirit couples

p. 207


esudon "mountain-top"

Mountain Dwellers -- short, glistening-bodied, variegated-clad

p. 208


tembas "the dead"

Bay Bongo` & her 4 sistren

p. 211


alagasi "Giants"

Giants -- large, white-bodied, "were the husbands of the Little Green Women"

p. 212-213


(p. 212) kawayan "great mounatins"

(p. 213) 5 spirit-siblings = 4 men & a woman -- "where the path met and passed through the sky."

p. 213

most southerly mountain

"Caretaker of Those Who Die Taking Blood Revenge" = red-clad kris-carrier -- "where souls of males who died in acts of revenge dwelt."


crimson-colored r.

next mtn. to north

female Caretaker of Avengers -- "where souls of women who died taking vengeance went."

p. 214

next mtn.

Caretaker of Suicides -- green-clad


deep green r.

northerly mtn.

Caretaker of Drowned Mockers (scil., of animals)

northernmost mtn.

Caretaker of Struck (scil., by "lightning") Mockers (scil., of animals)

p. 216

mountain on main path

Malan Batunan in "a house that was a huge as he was"

p. 218


lefinon "delight"

"Teduray ... who had been led beyond the sky by ... Lagey Sebotan."


fute^ fantad "white soil" {cf. [Bod.] sa-skya}

"Teduray who were led beyond the sky by Lagey Lengkuwos."


telaki "messenger"


Tulus (p. 80)

p. 207 Region of the Great Spirit, who passeth summons to Messenger Spirits, who in turn relay it via Mountain Dwellers to a shaman (in dream)

p. 217

"The Great Spirit was a helper, a friend, and an adviser" {cf. [Akan] god Nyame "friend"} -- "soft ferns"; "the dewdrops ring like little bells." "Beautiful, harmless lightning continually strikes the houses, but there is never any thunder ... From roof to roof of every house rainbows always glisten" {cf. Vajra-yana}

p. 218 "told in the long, epic chant called the Berinarew"

realms in other directions




pp. 211-212

(p. 211) west

(p. 212) Cruel Giants -- "they hunted humans with dogs and then ate their souls." (cf. p. 219) -- they inspired "false shamans", who were misled and then destroyed by Malan Batunan (p. 219)

p. 219-220

(p. 219) south

(p. 220) Flying Souls: good ones healed ailments by restoring a patient's stolen liver

p. 221


disease-spirits: measles, malaria, cholera, tropical boils

is this description of a hollow square world, as in the Classic of Mountains and Seas?

4 successive (p. 80) creations of humanity by deities




p. 81


husband birthed the babies {seahorse?}, wife suckled them

p. 81


"slash between the woman's legs"; bolo-handle between man's

p. 82

elopement of white man & white woman to Sun-Sun {cf. Sing-Sing}

"Lagey Lengkuwos led all theTeduray people on a great journey to relocate in theland of the Great Spirit."


creation of another human race to replace on earth the one which had migrated to beyond the sky

"Lagey Sebotan ... used the Berinarew as a guide to replicate Lagey Lengkuwaos's feat of leading the people beyond the sky."


creation of another human race to replace on earth the one which had migrated to beyond the sky

{cf. the Nas.uray/Manda< myth of most of them having migrated beyond Qaf to the other-world, leaving a mere on earth}

Stuart A. Schlegel: Wisdom from a Rainforest. U. of GA Pr, Athens, 1998. [Teduray of southwestern Mindanaw]