Karanga myths


Karanga (KM) et al.

Zulu (SS) et al

Hellenic et al.


Samatutu (‘Owner of Wind’) produced wind from egg.


[Orphic] "Wind-egg" (A:B); [Epikouros] egg constituted of wind (A, p. 113)



Allied to talking trees,

Having fallen in love with tree-like man (p. 37),

Pomegranate-tree of god Rimmon (PAM).


1-toothed old woman was placed "under a big heavy stone."

goddess Ninhavanhu-Ma became an owl (p. 38).

Persephone’s owl Askalaphos was imprisoned under a stone (A).



˝ of man split in twain, Divirimbe,

God’s face "was completely displaced to one side." (pp. 40-1)

Kalais & Zetes


slew divine bird.

Attack by divine birds (p. 42-4).

repelled the Harpuiai bird-goddesses (H).



Boy spoke from within bull’s corpse;

To goddess Nandi-mukhi (‘Cow-mouth’)

Humans spake from within hollow brazen bull of god Ataburios (Ph).


that boy’s singing induced growth of pumpkins.

was addressed discussion of pumpkins (HP).


EAS, p. 276b

[Hawai>ian god] Wakea (who made world out of calabash) = [Mangaian god] ˝-fish Vatea.

Akala-kusman.d.a (‘timeless pumpkin’) is of the fish-eating Neda-Nedi (BS, Song 11:2).

Ataburios is (EKhPRT, n. 62) related to the ‘Green Man’ who revived fishes.

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