Sexual Myths of the Inuit/Eskimo

fucked by dogs

she refused all prospective husbands. Sedna instead had sexual relations with dogs” (“IM”)

{cf. Kanakhe ('Barking') the incestuous sister (GM 43.h)}

Sedna devoured both of her mother Isarrataitsoq’s arms and had finished eating one of her father’s arms before he was able to subdue her and take her out to sea in his canoe, intent on banishing her to the sea. Continuing to struggle, Sedna clutched the sides of the canoe as her father tried to submerge her, prompting him to take his long knife and cut off her fingers. ...

{Here Sedna may be displaying canine behaviour, inasmuch it was a wolf who bit off one hand of Ty`r.} {Sedna's father's “canoe” was a kayak of skin : cf. the skin urinated onto by Ourion (GM 41.2).}

Sedna now embraced her fate, transforming her now-fingerless hands into flippers and transforming her severed digits into the various species of sea animals.” (“IM”)

{Of the “dog-headed, flipper-handed” (GM 54.a), one was (GM 42.c) sea-goddess Halia ('Salt').}

Sedna retained her preference for bestiality, taking the giant sea-scorpion god Kanajuk as a husband, a spouse she shares with her armless mother.” (“IM”) {Seduced by whore-goddess Tlazol-teotl, Yappan became a scorpion (M&LBOB, p. 274); while his rival Yaotl became a locust (M&LBOB, p. 275).}

{Cf. the Scorpion supplanting Candaon/Oarion (GM 41.d), who had “met Artemis, who shared his love” (GM 41.c). Candaon is shared by priestess Opis with goddess Artemis.}

IM” = “Inuit Myth”

GM = Robert Graves : The Greek Myths. 1955.

M&LBOB = Charles M. Skinner : Myths and Legends Beyond Our Borders.

the reason for Sedna's devouring one of her father Anuta's arms

Anguta (still one-armed) was responsible for punishing the souls of the dead, with bestiality meriting the greatest punishment. Anguta would repeatedly strike the soul of a dead person in their genitals for as long as their violations of taboos in life … demanded.” (“GA”)

{Thus, he must have sought to harm his daughter by striking her with his hand; so she must have amputated his hand to hindre him from doing this. (If he struck males with one his hand, and females his other hand, she would naturally have devoured the hand which smote females.)}

GA” = “God Anguta”

In the “Qalandar's Tale” of the 1001 Nights, a shape-shifting god who became a scorpion was assaulted by a shape-shifting woman.

the Inuit incest-myth is that of progeny of Atuqtuqarnaq the narwhal-goddess : “the narwhal goddess is the mother of the moon god and the sun goddess.” As mother of a “blind son”, Atuqtuqarnaq = Euru-ale, the mother of (GM 41.a) Oarion, who was blinded (GM 41.b).

The Sun-goddess, in proffering her own amputated teats to her brother the Moon-god, is indicating her aequivalence to goddess Anu : “The twin hills near Killarney in Munster are named the Paps of Anu after her.”

This name /Anu/ may be a short form of the naks.atra name /Anu-RADHa/, the latter element whereof may possibly be cognate with /RAGiDah/ 'gruel of milk cooked with groats; butter' (Lexicon Arabico-Latinum 2:168b). (If so, there may be implied a comparison, of churning of butter, with motion of the brother's penis betwixt his sister's mammae.)

another Inuit sexual myth

Inugpasug was the brother of Nunam the Earth goddess. He was supposedly so proud of her son, his nephew Narssuk, god of the West Wind, that he would set three or more Inuit women at once on the baby’s enormous penis as if it was a log for sitting. ... An even odder myth about Inugpasug related how he insisted on engaging in the Inuit custom of wife- swapping with a mortal Inuit couple. Naturally, the Inuit woman was split open and killed by the giant deity’s organ when he attempted to make love to her, and when the Inuit man tried fornicating with Inugpasug’s wife he sank into her huge vagina and dissolved in her system. His bones passed out of her through her urine.” ( )

the myth of the origin of sexual reproduction

children grew from the Earth, the goddess Nunam, until after the moon god had given women vaginas.

{The semen of Hephaistos “accidentally fertilized Mother Earth, who was … bearing a child” which Hephaistos had attempted to father on Athene (GM 25.b).}

At that point the babies, formerly plucked from the ground like flowers,

{Souls which are to be born as babies may be seen as flowers on the tree repraesenting their mother in the divine paradise by shamans visiting it, according to Taoist practitioners.}

climbed up the legs of passing ladies and took root in their vaginas, where they emerge from to this day.” (“DG”)

{This mention of “the legs of passing ladies” could be referred to the myth of the attempted sexual violation of Athene : Hephaistos “ejaculated against her thigh” (GM 25.b).}

DG” = “Disemboweling Goddess”