Yu:an-fan = Dosi-theos (Natana->el 'Gift of God')

Tso Tz>u = Yu:an-fan of Lu-c^ian, An-hwei (GChI, pp. 76-78; SSShCh, pp. 49-51)


Lao Dan

miraculous fishing of perch-fish

fish in water, as soul in body (SWA 32:2-5)

miraculous provision of wine

miraculous locating of "sacred vessels " (cf. Holy Grail) on mt. Gerizim (JA 18.85-87 -- "SP").

becoming a sheep "standing erect"

the "Standing One" (Dosi-theos)

seller of black sheep (GD, p. 268)

"Simon's body as if it were smoke." (acc. to Clement) ("DE")

Gu is "vague and indistinct" (SWA 39:8)

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SSShCh = Roger Blackwell Bailey: A Study of the Sou Shen Chi. PhD Diss, IN U., 1966

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"DE" = http://essenes.net/Dosithean.html

[S^amaritans (alike unto the S.aduqi^) deny resurrection to decayed bodies: so also do the Chinese.]

denominations of >dom

>dom (acc. to Mas<udi -- "D")


"that of the Kushan, or ordinary Samaritans (="Kuthim"), and

Kus^, as the tribe of the wife of Mos^eh, is supposed to be [short for] the Kus^an of H.baqquq 3:7

that of the Dostan (Dositheans ...)"

"two names, "Dosion and Dosthion," are also mentioned (Ab. R. N., ed. Schechter, p. 37; compare "Shibbole ha-Leqet," ed. Buber, p. 266 -- "D")" [cf. the pair Dis^o^n & Dis^an, B-Re>S^it 36:21, 30]

"D" = article "Dositheus" in Jewish Encyclopaedia http://www.jewishencyclopedia.com/view.jsp?artid=453&letter=D

So, the transmission of the Chinese religious culture into Yis`ra>el is likely to have been (entering through the gulf of <aqaba) by way of >dom.