Crossings on a Bridge of Light, Pt. 4

pp. 109-10 description of S`ambhala & of its capital Kalapa {possibly Margiane : "it is shut in all round by a beautiful ring of mountains, 187 miles in circuit, and is difficult of access on account of sandy deserts stretching for a distance of 120 miles" (NH VI.xviii.48) or else "surrounded by a ring of mountains and by deserts." (NH VI.XXIII.74)}

p. 109

S`ambhala "appeared as a vast, impassable and overwhelming ring of white mountains reaching to the sky and covered with snow and ice. {Bellerophon went to Lukia : off the coast of Lukia, "Gemile Island is surrounded by mountains" ("MK").} ... Within the protection of this towering circular ice wall, the Kingdom of Shambhala ... has always been known as the "Kingdom Held by the Source of Happiness". It is shaped like a fully open eight-petaled lotus, with eight lesser kingdoms divided one from the other by broad rivers. In the center of the kingdom, like the anthers of a lotus, is a high plateau. There, Kalapa, the capitol of Shambhala known also as "Great Renown", rests like a jeweled

p. 110

crown with its central palace glowing amid the gardens of Malaya ... . This is the seat of the Rigden kings, holders of the Vajra Caste, and the rulers of Shambhala. The twenty-five lords of Kalapa exist all at once outside of time and manifest one by one within it. Their minds pervade the Kingdom of Shambhala".

NH = Plinius : Natural History.

"MK" =

pp. 110-2 description of the kingdoms in each of the 4 cardinal directions from S`ambhala








p. 110 South

p. 111 West


name : "The __"


Vast Field



color of people


p. 111 pale



build of people


short, wiry



women are rulers




almost never







very spicy



very poor












33 deva-s


p. 112 kLu


ruler’s title

Great Tigre Treasury of Mercy

Great Dragon Apex of Confidence

Great Garud.a of Luminosity

Great Lion Jewel Who Overcometh All Daimones

{concerning women-rulers in S`ambhala :- It was specifically to Xanthos in Lukia that Bellerophon went (GM 75.d), so "that henceforth the citizens of Xanthos would bear the name of their mother and not that of their father" ("Legendary Heroes of Lycia" ).}

pp. 113-4 advent of an apparitional goddess

p. 113

"an old woman riding on a donkey ... is ... very tall and dark with a bluish cast and her donkey is jade colored. She smell strongly of burnt bone.

p. 114

... . She is dressed in heavy black robes ... . ... She stands up on the donkey’s back perching like a crow ..., and ... begins her harangue ... . ...

And with that, the old crone begins to shimmer like mirage ... . Soon she is almost completely transparent and within seconds she is gone."

p. 117-8 projection of the subtle body into Kalapa in S`ambhala : view of maha-sukha

p. 117

"He ... slowly feels himself leave his body once again. His spirit seems to detach itself and drifts upward. ... Beneath him, Ling unfolds like a vast carpet of velvet valleys, silver mountain peaks, and rivers that flow like rivulets of mercury. ... Gesar finds himself near the center of a ... square courtyard ... .

Its walls are covered with sheets of amethyst ... .

A wide verandah of gold and jade on all four sides ... .

Its floors are black cedar and

its columns vermilion with golden capitols {sic}. ...

Their cornices are fashioned from white jade ... .

The roof above is made of crystal tiles.

At the far end of the courtyard stands a high throne, carved from a single block of clear crystal and covered with a tiger skin. ...

p. 118

As the procession of the thirty-two Lords of Shambhala courses clockwise past him and around the porticoes of the four directions of the Amethyst Pavilion, the Imperial Ladies of Shambhala emerge from the Eastern gate wearing silver crowns ... . ...

As the radiant Queens of Kalapa emerge

From the golden Eastern gate of the Amethyst Pavilion,

The red sky flower of Time unfolds :

This is the Vajra Time of unceasing mahasukha."

pp. 119-20 Su-candra the king of S`ambhala

p. 119

"He wears the Gold Crown of Reality Beyond the Limit of Knowledge;

... he wears gold earrings shaped like sea-dragons.

His robe is turquoise adorned with golden tigers.

His sash is pale yellow like an early winter moon.

In his right hand he hold a white lotus ... .

In his left, he holds a silver bell.

He sits on the glowing crystal throne

beneath the rainbow-colored parasol".

p. 120

"the immeasurable palace ... displayed ... the sixteen mandalas of stars above."

p. 127 Man~ju-s`ri & his consort

The changeless form of Man~ju-s`ri-Yas`as’s inner nature

"sits amid clouds of rainbow lights that emanate from his pores and pervade the whole of space with the radiance of sutra and tantra.

He is seated on a cinnabar throne supported by four blue and four white lions.

His consort on his left named Drum of Truth is the dark green".

pp. 133-4 another projection of the subtle body into Kalapa in S`ambhala

p. 133

"Gesar can feel ... the stream of hallucinations that now carry him from one world to another. Thus he finds once again he is in Kalapa on the roof of the Kalapa Court itself. The roof of the Court is composed of many small crystal panels. They absorb light by day and emit light by night, and through night and day they sparkle like a calm sea. {shimmering} ... Iridescent butterflies, some the color of peacock’s wings, others like opals[,] flutter in the air."

p. 134

Rigden Pun.d.arika : "His robe is the pale orange [peach-colored] ... embroidered with golden garudas.

His sash in the dark blue of the cloudless winter sky."


The changeless inner form of Pun.d.arika

"wears a gold meditation belt on his right shoulder ..., ...

wears the skin of a blue antelope over his left shoulder.

In his right hand, he holds a mala made of pearls and

in his left a ... pink lotus in full bloom unfolded.

... he wears a red skirt embroidered with swirling clouds and

orange pants embroidered with countless golden suns.

He sits on a circular golden throne, and

his feet rest on moon disks that float on a crimson lotus.

On his left, his golden consort, named Seal of Union, holds her hands in angeli.

... He is the Great Eastern Sun."

p. 135 the wing of Garutman

"The primordial stroke of the red Garuda’s razor wing

Slices through immeasurable space {cf. Bon mythic bird-feathers which cut iron} and raises the wind of life. {cf. Sumerian wind-causing mythic bird}

Cut by the primordial stroke,

Mind is severed from individual preoccupation."

p. 136 animalian forms of puppets repraesenting human royalty






{Toad for Argos; Snake for Lakedaimon; Fox for Messene (A:L 2:8:5)}

{The Fox-from-Above ... brought a snake ... and a two-headed toad" (HIM, p. 168).}

When "Frogs didn’t laugh ... Magpies started to giggle. ... The Native Cat ... agreed that the Frog was certainly a very clever mimic." ("AAD")

T.’s son


T.’s wife


"Lynx’s wife had given Magpie ... the choicest food one could offer." (ACAIM, p. 112)"

T.’s daughter-in-law


HIM = Paul Richard Steele : Handbook of Inca Mythology. ABC-CLIO, 2004.

A:L = Apollodoros : Library.

ACAIM = An Analysis of Coeur d’Alene Indian Myths.

"AAD" = "Australian Aboriginal Dreamtime"

p. 137 shadow-puppet re-enactment of the dream of the future

"And then as Gesar dreams in his tent, the performers chant and dance the same things he now dreams. All the people enter the future time of the last Rigden".

pp. 137-9, 141 final projection of the subtle body into Kalapa in S`ambhala

p. 137

"Gesar flies through the darkness to the time of future prophecy. The world below him spins from the dark of night to the blazing light so rapidly it looks like a luminous blue pearl." {iridescent blue sphaire}

p. 138

"the final Rigden bursts from the fastness of Kalapa like an iridescent dragon {Bon blue dragon?} rising from a lake. The twenty-fifth Rigden of Shambhala, Raudracakrin, "The Wrathful One Who Turns the Wheel", ... takes his seat ... on a great turquoise charger with blue-black mane and tail. ...

He wears a ... gold crown of a dharma king adorned with glowing emeralds and sapphires. ...

Around his neck, on a white silk scarf, he wears a great crystal mirror ... .

Beneath his armor he wears a robe of green brocade with red sleeves lined with pale coral satin.

His pants are red brocade adorned with golden dragons.

A great lapis [lazuli] colored serpent twined about his neck falling to the level of his secret center.

Green serpents trailing dark clouds encircle his wrists.

In his raised right hand, he brandishes the flaming spear that ... is adorned with garudas’ feathers and a swirling green and coral scarf.

In his left hand he turns the eight pointed wheel of meteoric iron ..., whose sound, as the wheel turns, ... deafens the emotions".

p. 139

The changeless inner form of Raudracakrin

"is seated on a hexagonal cloud-backed throne of gold and cinnabar, supported by eight snow-lions, four the color of turquoise, four the color of conch.

Above him sways a gold and vermilion parasol ... .

To his right, his consort, the green Sarasvati plays the vina, flooding the air with melodious sound.

To his right is his consort, named The Signless white as the full moon of compassion : in her hands at angeli at her heart, she hold the stem of a white lotus in full bloom. At its center stands the crystal sword of omniscience."

p. 141

"Then, suddenly as the sun appears in the eye of the black hurricane,

The Rigden Raudracakrin will appear, filling the whole of the sky."

pp. 142-3 descriptions of the Trimurti & of the sons of S`iva



his vehicle

his effect


"Lion-headed {Nara-simha} Vishnu, the all-pervading, ...

Shall ride out on the back of a fire-red garuda,

Wielding the wheel from which the cycles spin ... .


Brahma, lord of space and time,

In his gold and ruby chariot ...,

Shall unleash his golden arrows Which fill all hearts with the fatal hallucinations ... .


Shiva, dark lord of [R.s.i-s], and lord of night and dreams,

Flying on an emerald disk with the sound of thunder ...

Shall strike with his trident that penetrates birth, existence and death.


[p. 142] Kumara Skanda, leader of the army of the gods, Ever youthful with five faces and six arms

Will skim the earth on the back of a blue poison-drinking peacock That is perched within a blue and gold chariot [p. 143] Drawn by blue and white celestial steeds.

He will ... hurl thunderbolts and spears, And wield his axe and sword ... . ...


Great Ganapati white with six arms and one tusk in his elephant head, Who binds the minute to the infinite, Containing all phenomena in his great form,

Will appear in his gold and cinnabar cart floating in the air, Riding within that on a blue mouse which is the enjoyment of all,

And destroy all false distinctions with his trumpet’s scream."

p. 144 colored substances whereinto the Trimurti & the sons of S`iva shall dissolve themselves in the apocalypse


substance of color


"vast sheets of red light."


"a gold sky."


"towering clouds of black light."


"a great silver light."


"a pervasive green wind of light."


"a radiant blue sky."

pp. 144-5 de’nouement

p. 144

"All impure realms and all pure realms will merge inseparably

As a swirling disk of rainbow light."

p. 145

"This is the end of the time of Shambhala and of the Imperial Rigden Kings."

p. 145 vanishment of the theatre; final dream by Gesar

"At that moment, an explosion of white light ... detonates on the stage. ... The audience ... see that the theater, the shadow screen, the actors, the musicians and dancers have all completely disappeared."

"Simultaneously, Gesar dreams he is consumed in roaring swirls of rainbow light. He merges into a brilliant gold expanse."

p. 150 separation & union; rainbow-flag

"Separating the domains of inner and outer :

The bardos and realms become solid.

In the natural union of inner and outer,

The bardos and realms are lights of uninterrupted wakefulness."

"In the inseparable union of inner and outer,

The luminous path of universal love unfurls

Like a rainbow banner in the sky. ...

There is only the victory banner of our radiant love

Shining without limit and without end."

p. 151 divine eagle’s shadow {eagle’s shadow is likewise the conclusion of one of Carlos Castan~eda books}

"Odkar Gyaltsen, Gesar’s chosen heir ... dreams that he is ... alone ..., when he sees the shadow of an eagle swooping across the ground ahead. He looks up."

Douglas J. Pennick (transl.) : Crossings on a Bridge of Light : the Songs and Deeds of Gesar, King of Ling, as He Travels to Shambhala through the Realms of Life and Death. Mill City Pr, Minneapolis, 2009.

Penick, on other kings of S`ambhala