Codex Borgianus Mexicanus, pp. 29-46 : the descending sequence through planes-of-existence


boundary (or sky overhead

messenger-type from sky

upper (or central) scene

lower (or outer) scene

corner figures


green double-helix (also under pot)

living black-faced blue head

black backbone-deity

foaming-over living pot

6 wind-deities from starry


array of ribs (figurative of ticklish situation)

living black head (indicative of "black" humor)

wind-deities from starry dragons

concentric : green; red; white; yellow; black

4 plant (3 tree)-gods, puncturing bubbles


red, rimmed with starry darkness

living blue head

blind red-faced goddess

black deity stepping out of heart

4 goddesses (3 blind)


blue, rimmed with starry redness

living red head

blind red-faced goddess

black deity stepping out of green gem

6 goddesses, including 2 of maize


starry water

green double-helix goddess (p. 31b)

scissor-headed deity within red region

double spiky serpent-skin worn by gods

4 mirror-footed men holding divine heads


flint-backed net-goddess of death (p. 32)

god-man from between scissors (p. 32)

sun and moon, with scorpion-rope

end of (or separate peaked) temple

4 men stepping out of cenote


open-jawed long black serpent (p. 33)

bent red serpent (p. 33)


side of (or separate eared) temple

maize-goddess of death


open-jawed long red serpent (p. 34)

bent red serpent (p. 34)

red-dotted starry temple of darkness

round-red-bellied god in darkness

black man piercing own genitalia


yellow; red; starry darkness

man riding eagle (p. 35)

Tezcatlipoca as wind-god

self-opening bundle

hummingbirds in starry wind


layered eared-roof of constellations

god holding effligy-mug

redolent temple of Xolotl

Xolotl on platform

4 men, each in starry bubble


crenellated ring


6 gods wearing serpent-skins

black skeletal god on swamp-tree

4 bees


meteors in darkness

yellow-headed man

women in circle-dance

spiny reptile (horned toad)

6 gods pointing downward


zig-zagged blackness

2 gods (one an obliquely-striped-headed death-god) and 2 goddesses descending

god and goddess, both drinking blood from men's penes

within cogged disk

4 paper-arrayed death-goddesses


jaw-roof (p. 41)


god defeated in ball-court; in owl-realm

same god on St Andrew's (X-shaped) cross

crosses-in-hair god, floppy-limbed


skulls in blackness

black-stripe green-headed hero

holed-tongued serpent-fanged black leopard

starry blue maize-goddess

chicha being drunk by 2 throned gods


crossed bones

black-stripe yellow-headed hero

blood-disgorging vampire-bat

goddess with oblique-striped tree from heart

amputated limbs of red death-god


living hearts in net

starry wind-serpent-of-darkness

death-god at multiple-flagged double-tree

spotted heads (of clowns?) above net for haimerrhoidal

4 small temples (3 eagle-roofed)


red region flecked with gold


same god-man in fired cauldron

same god-man drilling fire in thorax of cross-faced land-wight

traditional gods are manipulated by hitherto-unknown gods



same god-man





foam of ayawaska/yahe` (figuratively : abundant bubbling-forth of thought) -- but also the quantum-foam, whose ephemeral nature could suggest the extreme controllability of Great-Attractors (by higher intelligence, i.e., the flying-saucer supreme-command).


outer concentric : quasar mostly black, but emitting red-shifted rays


messenger-type : in Hawai>ian myth, there is a divine head speaking from the sky. Blind goddesses may recall blind Korean trance-mediumesses.


"waters which are above the firmament"; with red region, cf. blood spouting from neck of self-decapitated, scissor-holding goddess Chinna-masta ('Split-brain'); the divine heads all drip green blood (intended as plant-sap)


sun as white deer (so that MVB, p. 165c, is surely wrong is alleging that /-ke/ 'deer' [of /xBalam-ke/ 'little Leopard-Deer'] must be a "corrupt" reading for /kin/ 'sun'). {Another instance, e.g., is "Figure 3.11 ... Jaguar Deer costume." (MA&DAM)} Gold particles clinging to body of god (in black temple) may indicate him to be an elemental spirit of quicksilver.


Red sun-god (in red temple) could be elemental spirit of mercuric oxide (red ochre).


Round-bellied god could indicate facility for eating prodigious quantities of food.


Issuing forth from the opening bundle, butterflies and flowers would suggest honey : bees do occurr on p. 38.


Cf., in Mixtec cosmogony, "the Puma-Snake and the Jaguar-Snake" (III.I "Mexico -- Cosmogony", in L-AM).


Amputated limbs of death-god must praesumably be afterwards miraculously redassembled.


Starry wind-serpent-of-darkness may be the original of Yohualli Ehecatl ('Night-Wind'). Multiple-flagged double-tree may indicate alliance of multiple countries, each characterized by a two-party political system; the upward-looking death god thereat may indicate an attitude intent on consigning all comers (including the wind-serpent-of-darkness hovering above, which could repraesent mysterious UFOs) to death; and the gold-with-red marked skulls beside the double-tree may indicate authority invested in dead ploutokrats. The clown-heads and clowns may indicate the mistaken attitude on the part of mortal ploutokrats to assume any symbolic acts undertaken by flying-saucer denizens to be merely clowning. The bleeding haimerrhoids (causing by emotional excitation in paradoxical situations) could indicate realization by mortal flying-saucer devotees that dominant ploutokrats have misjudged the flying-saucer denizens as if lacking any serious motives.


The red region flecked with gold could indicate flying-saucers' motivations based on decisions made in regions of red-shift (i.e., exceedingly remote galaxies, and the ilk), and pertinent to aequitable distribution of wealth. The cauldron could indicate that of shamans who in their dreams are cooked by deities so as to acquire supernatural power : that such power can now become controlling. That traditional gods are manipulated by hitherto-unknown gods would indicate that traditional religions (which have granted authority to ploutokrats) are automatically supplanted by religions which grant authority instead to others (to scientist-shamans, etc.).


Constellations would indicate integration with governmental systems on a wider basis than the planetary system of a single star. This would occurr immediately upon abolition of hostility-promoting governments based on capitalism.

MVB = Michael D. Coe : The Maya Vase Book. 1989.

MA&DAM = Elizabeth I. Pope : Mythic Architecture and Drama in Ancient Mesoamerica : the Manifestation of the Mythological Landscape ... . PhD diss, Univ of TX. Austin, 2012.

L-AM = Hartley Burr Alexander : Latin-American Mythology. THE MYTHOLOGY OF ALL RACES, Vol. XI.

[written Sept 21 2015 -- Intended to furnish a more systematic way for understanding the CBM.]