Central and South America


pp. 33-66 Alfredo Lo`pez Austin: "Indigenous Mythology from Present-Day Mexico".

pp. 53-54 Wave (Huave)

p. 54 Mijmeor Kaan ("stone virgin") "created ... foam. ... The Virgin stepped on the popoyote fish. In doing so she created the sole fish.

zodiacal constellation Virgo is (SN, p. 462) +Kubele (otherwise known as +Kubebe) = +Kubaba who "made him offer the fish" (WCh, l. 43'). {Virgo adjoineth Leo.}

The jaguar stepped on the crab ...

[Anaa] Tupa the crab's change is by Rori-tau (seacucumber) (HM, p. 235). {zodiacal constellations Leo & Cancer adjoin}

The birds abandoned their aquatic nests, and from these nests were born the starfish."

[because birds fly in sky (leaving their life among the stars of the sky, S); and 5-pointed "stars" (starfish?) decorate the Kemetian sky]

pp. 54-55 Mazatec

p. 54 From 2 eggs found by an old woman who later fell into a river, were born a boy & a girl.

From 2 eggs found & given to (GM 62.a) +Lede were born 2 pairs, male & female, of twins (GM 62.c).

p. 55 They strangled, by means of a noose made of the girl's hair, a children-eating eagle.

Zeus praetended to be "pursued by an eagle" (GM 62.b).

The bat defaecated amate (paper-plant).

[Tenetehara of Costa Rica] The bat created the land by defaecating.

The girl succumbed to the temptation of "drinking", in consequence whereof "a rabbit ... became stuck on her face." (Rabbit-gods repraesent inebriation.)

She being one of the females born from one of the 2 eggs, Helene succumbed to being tempted by a drink of wine (GM 159.r).

p. 56 Cucupa`

"the lair where the beast ... slept ..., snoring and exposing his enormous testicles.

Namsa`ui slept in a cave. (JEC, p. 128)

One testicle was blue, the other red. ... The blue liquid formed the ocean and the red, the Colorado River."

Namsa`ui sent "blue and red snow" (JEC, p. 127)

pp. 57-58 Trike (Trique)

p. 58 2 twin fish-boys

cf. catfish-boys in PV

kill their grandfather after he becometh a deer.

This is a Nepalese theme. cf. also the Zapotec primordial deer-couple, figured in the Vienna Codex

Their grandmother was CA>AJ.

cf. [Maya] KAAX "harvest"

pp. 62-63 Nahuatl of Paxapan

p. 62 The egg-born boy Si:ntiopiltzin [= Cin-teotl] was made fun of by iguanas.

cf. [Maya] day-name "ripe" (scil. maize) [Aztec] day-sign Cuetzpallin "lizard"

p. 63 "while the boy slept, the arriera ants ate his flesh and left only the bones"; but he resuscitated himself.

cf. the dream, by Aiakos, of Murmidones (GM 66.e-f): he checketh off the ghosts of the death (GM 66.k).

He was partially swallowed by a rock, but

To`rr was threatened by rock-giants.

freed himself by urinating.

To`rr was urinated upon by a daughter of Geirro,d.

Si:ntiopiltzin's mother unintentionally interfered with revival of her husband (S.'s father) by becoming emotional. S., in attempting to resuscitate his father, had "carried him because he was still somewhat drunk."

+Gro`a unintentionally failed when she became excited by the story, told to her by To`rr, of how he (T.) had carried her husband (O,rvandill).

[The urinating by the boy would seem to be related to the collective urinating by the youths undergoing initiation into manhood, in the Kongo scheme.]


pp. 67-92 Peter L. van der Loo: "Ritual and Myth in Tlapanec Life."

pp. 76-77 female pubic hair & hasty sun

p. 77 The moon-boy "started shaving off all the pubic hair of the old woman"; but because the sun-boy was to be followed by him, he abandoned the pubic hairs.

[Bella Coola of British Columbia] A youth made a bowstring of his sister's pubic hairs, ascended via growing tree to sky-world, and there snared the sun with that bowstring. (BCI, vol. 1, pp. 636-636, 640)

pp. 78-79 peak of 7 tigers, climbed by wetted opossum

p. 78 "the opossum put his tail in the fire and started swishing it ...

Hanu-mant, by swishing his ignited tail,

which caused the pursuing tigers to burn to death."

set afireTri-kut.a, city of the Raks.as-es, who were largely cat-headed

pp. 86-87 fire-god

p. 86 his long-tongued sister

long-tongued +Kali

p. 87 is depicted in CFM, p. 4, similar to a salamander

cf. European salamander as mythical fire-dweller


pp. 93-176 Mercedes de la Garza: "Sacred Forces of the Mayan Universe".

p. 165 soul

"the spirit was ... divided into two parts. One part rational, conscious, and immortal, inhabiting the human heart, and

[Kemetian] ,ib "heart"

the other impulsive, thoughtless, and mortal, residing in a forest animal. This alter-ego animal, named tona, lives in a sacred mountain, protected and fed by the gods ..."

[also the belief in Wayana etc.]


"The spiritual part that inhabits the human body may leave involuntarily during life, dreaming, orgasm, or ... ecstatic trance ... This part of the spirit ... upon ... death ... goes to ... one of three sites ... :

In Tantrik literature, orgasm is likewise often regarded on a par with dreaming, viz. as a consciousness-state.

(1) Xibalba ...;

[Mormon] Shiblom

(2) the sky, where is accompanies the Sun on its journey; or

[this is Cuna & Kemetian]

(3) in the Paradise of the Cedar".

cf. [Sumerian mythic] cedar-forest of Huwawa

p. 168 treament of corpses of nobility

"once dead, the Cocom lords were decapitated. Their heads were boiled in order to remove the flesh, after which

[Boiling the corpses of royalty, in order to remove flesh, is also Hawai'ian custom.]

facial features would be molded over the skull."

[this treatment of skulls was customary in praehistoric Levant & in praehistoric Chile]


pp. 221-235 Robin M. Wright: "The Baniwa".

Yaperikuli & his son Kuwai

p. 223 The 3 brethren Yaperikunai were "crayfish transformed into crickets."

[in Malaya, shrimp are associated with crickets.]

p. 226 His father "Yaperikuli kills Kuwai by pushing him into an enormous fire which burns the world".

Just before the birth of Paris, his mother Hekabe dreamt that Troia & Mt. Ide were ablaze (GM 159.f).

p. 227 "the spiritual body of Kuwai is covered with fur, like the black sloth wamu. Kuwai entraps human souls by embracing them (as the sloth does) and suffocating them ..." [this is the "bear-hug".]

The infant Paris "was suckled by a she-bear." (GM 159.g)


pp. 254-277 Edgardo Jorge Cordeu: "The Religion of the Chamacoco (Ishi`r) Indians."

p. 265 escape of fish from bottletree (Chorisia sp.)

Bottletree was unplugged by Uatzatza` (Fox), releasing the fish.

on Mt. Villa Coto, the rising water of the deluge reached up to the fox's tail (HuM, sec. 33)

p. 268 attitudes

s^erwo` "unleashing" (of destruction)

[Vaidik god] S`arwa the archer (unleashing destructive arrow)

o`m "benevolent"

[Vaidik pra-nava] Om

p. 271 origin of women from doe

from "Erpejla` "Deer" (Mazama sp.) ... quartered ... and distributed ... women ... arose".

a goddess was created from a dismembered doe-deer (according to the Puran.a-s)



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