Caucasian Mythology – Eastern Kaukasos

C^ec^en = Jaina




"Na:sni ... slew sixty-three Erchustojer Narts" (ShJC, p. 61).

the Jaina-s emphasize that they worship a total of 63 deities (ITCh, App. 12) :

Na:sni rode on the back of a rhinoceros. (ShJC, p. 62).

one (the 11th) of those 63 Jaina deities hath as his symbol the rhinoceros ("BDT").

ITCh = Illustrated Tirthankar Charitra

"BDT" =

Ingus^ = Hellenic = Aztec





"the hero ... tore off the calf {shank} of his [own] leg" (ShJC, p. 78). {This Ingus^ hero = Amerindian god "Sharpened Leg", who cut all the flesh off his own leg.}


"When Tlaltecuhtli came up to bite off his foot,

"the hero clove apart the sarmak’s jaw" (ShJC, p. 77).


Tezcatlipoca ... ripped off her lower jaw." ("ET")

The hero "saw a sleeping man who was guarding three beautiful girls. The hero cut off his head" (ShJC, p. 77).

Hermes saw Argos Pan-optes, sleeping, guarding a cow; and "cut off his head" (GM 56.a).

One of the 2 naualli of Tezcatli-poca is chalchiuh-totolin ("WhIT").

"The hero seized the black lamb by the leg and

As Krio-phoros ‘Lamb’s Carrier’ (ThGH, vol. II, p. 52), Good Shepherd ("OHH") Hermes


found himself in the lower world." (ShJC, p. 77)

is guide of the dead to the netherworld.


sarmak is a "dragon" (ShJC, p. 76)

"Sharpened leg" is "tornado"

The peafowl (which Argos Pan-optes became) is quite similar in its behaviour to the turkey (chalchiuh-totolin). The swinging open of the ribcage of Yoalli-Ehecatl (aspect of Chalchiuh-totolin) would suggest the rib extracted from the sleeping >adam, whose name ‘Red’ would indicate the Red Tezcatli-poca (as distinguished from the Black Tezcatli-poca).

Since Tlatlauhqui (‘Red’) Tezcatli-poca is (as Camaxtli-Mixcoatl) said to be the son of Yayauhqui (‘Black’) Tezcatli-poca, Camaxtli-Mixcoatl may be aequivalent to some son of Hermes, such as Pan. [If this name /Pan/ be cognate with Skt. /Pavana/ (‘Wind’), then Yoalli-Ehecatl (‘Night-Wind’) might be confirmed as an identity.]

"ET" =

GM = Robert Graves : The Greek Myths. 1955.

"WhIT" =

ThGH = G. R. S. Mead : Thrice Greatest Hermes.

"OHH" = "Orphic Hymn to Hermes"

Ingus^ = S^into

"the hero easily plucked out the sword" from the sarmak’s body (ShJC, p. 78).

Susano-O found, in a dragon’s body, a sword ("S-O")

"S-O" =

C^ec^en = Astika

C^aiton "has to feed the eagle ... with his own flesh" (ShJC, p. 81).

S`ibi fed his own flesh to a hawk (K, bk. 10, p. 475, n. 4).

K = Edwin F. Bryant : Krishna.

ShJC = Michael Berman : Shamanic Journeys through the Caucasus. O Bks, 2009.