Beginning of Infinity and End of Aeternity (H.3t NH.H. PH.WY DT)

in the presence of the Lord of the Universe (NB-R-DR):

[book] found in library in pr-h.3 ("house-rear") of Ennead; 3 houses, 1 each of:

R< [=to-morrow], Wsir [=yesterday], H.r [=to-day]

Ah^et 1

1. birth of H.r-ak^ty; ablution; beginning (rise) of high (flood of) Nile

2. <pp (Apophis) drowned in nwy [or, in w3d-wr ("green great")]

3. die by crocodile; making dyke (?)

4. going forth of H.t-h.r together with H.nwtyw ("spear"-monsters) to flood; gods go in a contrary wind; not navigate

5. gods peaceful in heaven navigating wi3-<3 ("great barque")

6. suffering from bull

7. welcoming the river

8. navigateth Nwn; shipwrecked on water

9. those in the horizon in front of R<

10. going forth of [the god of weaving]; honored

11. kindle fire; going forth of Nsrt wrt ("flame great") [the fire-spitting cobra goddess];

do not copulate with bull {cf. Pasiphae}

12. crews of the 2 boats are separated [at sunset] by R<

13. blindness; massacre of Mrt-s^m<yt [the musician-goddess] {cf. Korean blind musicians}

14. offering <3bt <3t in pt rsyt ("heaven southern"); offer to city-gods

15. not proceed in boat; rage [of Swth-animal] in Det; Hnw ("rowers") on river

16. die by crocodile; by Neith

17. offering is taken from mouth of Sbk

18. brother of H.r at sbh^t ("portal")

19. great Ennead in festivity; burn incense for his (R<, l. p. h.) follwers in Msktt (day-boat) & M<ndt (evening-boat); B3b3 (red-eared baboon with colored hinquarters, accompanied by 77 black dogs -- Ch. Beatty I, iii, 10, 12; Leiden magical Pap., p. 99, No. 6) {cf. BeLLa BeLLa of BC}

20. Great Ones (of Upper Egypt at Abydos; and of Lower Egypt at Busiris)

21. not kill bull, nor [even] buy it

22. every god & every goddess entered belly of R<; they were vomited out, and they became fish, their b3 ("souls") became birds; do not warm oil {cf. Kronos swallowing gods, and afterwards vomiting them}

23. not burn incense, nor kill <nh^y-serpent, nor any among birds; not eat; not listen to singing nor dancing {cf. Janamejaya's burning of serpents}

24. this god saileth with favorable wind; he settleth down, his heart especially; then he was in msktt-boat and rising in M<ndt-boat; honored one

25. going out of Sh^mt to east as lion[ess], repelling confoderates of Swth

26. embraced fellow; they were turned into ebony in Det, 3 days & 4 nights; harpoon was evoked and given by Isis to her son who became aloof from her like a panther

27. peace; not kill <nh^y-snake

28. the gods are happy when they see children of Nwt peaceful & content

29. not burn hand with ointment {cf. burning "hand of glory"}

[30.] good

Ah^t 2

[1.] great Ennead in festivity; establishing heritage of the great one (great heir) {cf. joint-heirs with Christ}

[2.] suffering from buttocks (Swth's homosexual treatment of H.r -- Ch. Beatty I, xi, 2-12; CT vi, 258d-g)

3. Dh.wty in presece of R<; written communication of order of reconciliation of the wd3t eye; H.w & Si3

4. die of skin-rash; going forth of Inpw for w<bt ("embalming-booth") [or, w< bt "amulet for protection of the divine limbs"] for protection of the body of the god

5. & Mntw; not copulate with a woman; die of copulation

6. R< in heaven, the gods are pacified in his praesence; Ennead making glorification in front of the Lord of the Universe: die of drunkenness

7. children of Bds^ ("rebel"-serpent) [in east]; return of R< on neck {cf. serpent around neck of S`iva & of Pecos Bill}; die in foreign lands

[8.] good

9. jubilation of R<, his Ennead in festivity; all enemies are overthrown; die at good old age

10. proceeding of 3b3stt (W-b3stt) the mistress of <nh^-towe, her going to is^dt [feminine is^d tree, in Heliopolis, on leaves of which kings' names were inscribed] {cf. Phaidra piercing myrtle-leaves for Hippolutos}

11. fixing frontpiece (figurine ?) at front of prow of barque

12. raised head in rebellion; annihilated the speech of Swth; separation of head is inflicted on conspirator

13. great gods saluting overthrower of enemies

14. receiving White Crown by H.r; offer to local gods, and pacify the spirits

15. going forth of R< [at nightfall with his followers], at sight of which any person will pass away

[16.] Onnophris: his retinue in great festivity

17. smelling; be listened to by local gods

18. inspecting w<bt ("purification tent") while making transformations into lizards for sm3-t3 ("burial"); he started weeping aloud; placed their hands on their heads, males & females likewise

19. going forth of Nwn to set up the "noble one" (i.e., the dd pillar of Pth.)

20. giving compensation in praesence of R<; conducting by Dh.wty in making example of rebels who shall be underneath -- so said the gods

21. Nt (Neith) [or, Mrt] s^m<t ("Upper Egyptian cobra"): her eyes guided Dh.wty in appeasing & praising her

[22.] not bathe; cutting the tongue of enemy of Sbk, son [of Nt]

23. die of a crocodile

24. not in any wind; going forth of executioners from Sais to look for the children of Bds^ when he is in the ocean

25. finding the children [of Bds^] wrapped in tm3 ("mat of skin" on ships sides); suffer from bull until dieth

26. not put foundation of house, nor [ship] in shipyard, nor order [forced] work; opening & sealing windows of palace in Busiris {cf. S^ano through window}

27. not give back to work; die by snake

28. good

29. honorable

30. Nwn, father of the gods, land in festivity

Ah^t 3

1. mistress of heaven, H.t-h.r in heaven

2. return of Wdoyt from Dp

3. by "noble god"

4. trembling of the earth under Nwn, house will be destroyed [by earthquake]

5. not keep fire burning in house, nor look at it; blaming by god

6. encouragement of the gods

7. good

8. Isis goeth forth, establisheth heritage for her son

9. not let light fall on face; blaming the great ones in his (R<) praesence

10. great rejoicing in heaven; crew of R< at peace; Ennead shout loudly; those in the fields are working

11. good

12. pacification of the gods wherever they are, the wd3t-eye being on head of R<; raising those who are upon their seats {cf. raising of Tor on stool by daughter of Gunnlo,d}

13. cutting into pieces; Mhntyw ("ferrymen") not ferrying the Ddft against this ns^mt boat sailing upstream to 3bdw (Abydos) of Onnophris; transformed into is ("little old person") in arms of nurse giving gold as hmw ("fare") to <Anty; swarm of reptile-gods, while Swth entered embalming booth, transformed themselves into small cattle (Die Spru:che fu:r das Kennen, spell 18); massacre among crew; offering of tongue of enemy of <Anty in order not to approach the gold of <Anty {cf. <a^ka^n being commanded not to take gold as booty}

14. gods are sad because that which has been done by (?) the enemy of <Anty

15. inspecting by Ba-nb-ddt [the god of sexual fertility -- Thesis, p. 116]

[16.] bringing of Ibis (?); Wrw ("great ones": Ogdoad) in As`munein; happy day of infinity & aeternity

17. [landing] of the great ones -- the upper & lower ones -- in Abydos; weeping & wailing by Isis & Nephthys in Sais is heard in Abydos

18. strife by children of Gb

19. storm; not sail upstream nor downstream on rivern, nor navigate

20. going forth of B3stt of <nh^-towe angry, the god could not stand in her neighborhood; die in the year of pestilence [i.e., of no Nile-flood]

21. S^w the son of R<; Rnutt [or, Neith] in the msktt boat

22. raising of M3<t [daughter of R<} to see R< when she is summoned by the gods: ouraios was placed upon her, and another below her, fixed at front of msktt boat

23. Nwn drags [deities ?] by their hands out of the fire: this god judgeth in that great place on the river

24. Isis happy & Nephthys in jubilation when they see Onnophris hath given the throne to his son H.r in front of R< [the notary ?]

[25.] good of the gods

26. dd of Itm of Heliopolis [at moment] of uproar; the whole of Egypt [i.e., all arable land] is given to H.r, and all desert land to Swth; going forth of Dh.wty in order to judge in the praesence of R<

27. judging H.r & Swth; stopping the fighting; hunting down the rowers; saisfying the 2 & causing the 2 doors to open

28. the will is written [for H.r] to propitiate Onnophris in the necropolis

29. going forth of the 3 noble ladies in the T3-nnt sanctuary in presence of Pth. the beautiful of face, while giving praise to R<,to whom belongeth the throne of truth of the goddesses

30. good

Ah^t 4

1. great Ennead + [small] Ennead went to propitiate Nwn in cavern; Dh.wty ordered Sia and [his followers], saying:- every lion & every nose of his among the <nh^y-snakes: those who came into being in the primordial age, thy [Nwn] form is in every body

2. gods & goddesses in festivity, heaven in joy, good

3. smashing into ears of Bata [the lord of Saka; he is brother of Inpw in "tale of the Two Brethren"]; die of ears {allusion to hearing by Inpw of rumor denigrating conduct by Bata; cf. hearing of rumor whispered by his barber about Midas; ditto, about ass-eared Stod-pa Gs`en-rab Mi-po}

4. rituals in temple of Skr [a funerary god] with all provisions in the necropolis 5. going forth of H^ntt-<bt ("prominent horns") in H^r-<ah.a (Old Cairo -- Pyr. 550): life, stability, welfare aregiven to her & Ennead & gods in H^r-<ah.a: H.<py ("inundation, Nile") the father of the gods, is in great festivity

6. barque of R< [is to overthrow enemies from one moment to another]

[7.] wind-death; he will turn into

8. good

9. the gods together with Dh.wty caused the enemy of Swth to kill himself in his sanctuary: done by executioners of Qsrt

10. [die while beer entereth mouth,] eyes, and face

11. feast of Wsir in Abydos in great ns^mt boat; the dead are in jubilation

12. transformation into Bnw [phoenix-bird (Pyr. 608c)

13. going forth of H.dt nt pt ("white one of heaven"), her heart being pleased in praesence of R<; great Ennead in festivity

14. & T3yt [both are goddesses of weaving] come forth from temple of Bnbn = bnbn-stone topping obelisk, day # 12, p. 72, Recto XVIII, n. 1]: they hand over things to [Neith]

15. ndmyt

16. Sh^mt [& B3stt]

17. gods judge the speech of the crew (?) in Heliopolis when H.r arriveth in H^r-<ah.a; not go out at midday {H.r being a bird-god, cf. midday bird-assault on human, mentioned by Herodotos for Arabia}

18. overthrowing the boat of the god

19. offering in the H.wt-dsrt; making ointment for embalmment; not taste beer [but, instead] drink juice of grapes [unfermented?: cf. Gen. 40:11]

20. not anoint self with ointment; looking in the direction of (?) the Ah^t-eye; do not go out of house at midday {ointment being to protect body from wasting away, cf. Psalm to evade "the destruction that wasteth at noonday"}

21. going forth of the mysterious great ones to look for the Ah^t-eye

22. good

23. Hr. the savior of his father; pass away at hands of [lion]



[26?] Dh.wty establisheth the nobles in Letopolis

[27.] good; not go out at grh.t ("night-time")

28. going forth of the which is in Busiris, its form being an itn-fish (i.e., a dolphin)

29. not smell while throwing flame into water from which they take upon their hands any {cf. Maya glyph, and Yoruba myth, of catching fish in hand}

30. assistants of the Ennead; offering to the spirits with their list [of names ?]

Proyet 1

1. gifts of nh.b-k3w to the gods in the praesence of Pth. in shrines of Ta-nnt of goddesses & gods [who are savioresses &] saviors of R<; Nfr-tm, H.r-H.knw, Mah.s, B3stt, the great fire: propitiating the wd3t-eye

[2.] nourishment

3. not burn fire in presence of R<

4. die old among [one's own] people, received [after death] by [one's own] father

5. placing of flame in front of the great ones by Sh^mt when she was violent because of her detention by M3<t, Pth., Dh.wty, H.w, and Sia

6. victuals in Wrt, victuals of H^nti-irty [the hawk with flail in Ombos]

7. not copulate with any woman in front of the great flame [sunshine] in your house

8. good

9. the gods are joyful with offerings of Sh^mt: p3wt-cake

10. [not] burn mnh. ("papyrus"): coming forth of flame [together with H.r from the marshes]

11. not [approach] flame

[12.] not approach dog; answering speech of Sh^mt {cf. chanting hounds in}

13. prolonging life-time, making beneficent the goddess of truth

14. weeping of Isis & Nephthys mourning Wsir in Busiris; not listen to singing and chanting

15. going forth of Nwn through cave to the place [where the gods are] in darkness

[16?] going forth of S^w in order to count crew of msktt-boat

17. not wash self; going forth of Nwn to the place where the gods are; those [deities] who are above and below come into existence, the land being [as yet] in Kkwy (primaeval "chaos, darkness")

18. in Rostau; going forth of the gods to Abydos

19. pestilence of the year, many deaths; not recover from the disease

20. going forth of B3stt [or, B3ryst] who protecteth the land and who careth for him who cometh in darkenss

21. guidance of the 2 lands by B3stt; <3bt-offering to the followers [of R<]

22. good

23. die in great old age & rich

24. loyal to the executioners of R<; happiness in heaven

25. not eat irtt ("milk") [? or read, i3rrt "grapes"]; H.St ("divine cow") [in ATHRIBis]; drink honey {cf. "promised land, flowing with milk and honey"; >al-H.aSa; YATRIB = Medina}

26. at sunset offerings are diminished in Busiris while they are put on earth towards heaven (?) [food is placed in uncovered dishes on the ground, not on tables ?]: they will be much blamed about it [by them who eat off tables, as do Europeans ?]

27. great festivity in H.faw

28. sdf3t tri ("most solemn oath-taking") by Dh.wty in As`munein; going forth of the noble one

29. appearance in the sight of H.w; Dh.wty will send wh^3 ("communication") southward to guide the 2 lands by B3stt together with the sole mistress, Sh^mt the great

30. crossing over in presence of Nwn from temple of H.<pi the father of the gods & the Ennead, lords of H^r-<ah.a; incense on fire according to list [of names of gods honored by incense]

Proyet 2

1. [lifting] of the heaven of R< by Pth. with his hands

2. receiving R< by the gods

3. going forth of Swth with his confoederates to the eastern horizon; navigation of M3<t to place [where the gods are]

4. apply to your local gods; propitiate your spirits; exalt your crew

5. good

[6.] putting up the dd of Wsir; the gods sad with [their] faces downwards, they pronounced [recited names of gods ?] who were before [i.e., praedecessors of Wsir ?]

7. invocation-offering to spirits in your house [Penates ?]; <3bt-offerings to the gods

8. Letopolis; the gods & goddesses in festivity

9. dit ("ration") of all the gods of H^r-<ah.a

10. going forth of wd3t-eye for singing in Heliopolis; raising up of ("majesty") of sanctuary by Mnevis; R< raised M3<t again and again to Itm

11. Neith [the letter-writer] in Sais, taking writing-material praepared in her house; going forth of Sbk to guide her; good [epistle-writing] at her hands

12. good

13. proceeding of Sh^mt to [Tuneh el-Gebel], her great h^3yt ("executioners") passed by

14. not go out in the face of dawn; seeing the rebel and killing him by Swth at prow of great barque

15. the gods go forth for him [Swth ?] in heaven: his [Swth ?] hand holding the <nh^ & w3s [amulets?] to the nose of H^nty-irty at time of his reckoning

16. awakening of Isis by R< when the son H.r saved his father

17. things of the w<bt of Wsir which have been placed in the hands of Inpw

18. going forth of the 7 executioners in, their fingers searching for the ah^t-eye in town of Iyt [= H^m, Sh^m]

19. not decide to go about during day-time

20. proceeding of the (female) Majesty of heaven southward to the road

21. birth of the cattle, meadows of this h.3ty-< ("foremost") god

22. good

23. good

24. not sail in boat; the gods are descending into the river

25. good

26. going forth of Min from Coptos; he is guided to it, boasting about his <bw ("lettuce") [or, about his phallos ?] {cf. semen of H.r placed on lettuce; Yazidi^ taboo on lettuce}

27. feast of Skr in Rostau before [that of] Onnophris in Abydos

28. Onnophris is pleased, the spirits joyful, the dead in festivity

29. instigation of fighting, creation of rebellion, and making uproar among children of Gb ("earth"-god) {cf. "earth-born" Spartoi, among whom fighting was instigated}

30. [not] talk with anybody {cf. vow of silence by muni}

Proyet 3

1. entering into heaven & the 2 banks [of river in heaven]

[2.] good


4. announcement of fighting; call in Heliopolis by Swth: h^rw m pt (his "voice in heaven" = Coptic "thunder")

5. Neith goeth forth from Sais when they see [her] beauty in the night for 4-1/2 hours

6. Wsir in Busiris; going forth of Inpw, [his] adorers following him; he hath received everyone in the hall

7. eye of R< called the followers, and they reached him [in] the evening

8. making way for the gods and [for] H^nwm

9. judgement in Heliopolis (Pyr. 316-323)

10. coming of Dh.wty; guided the very great Nsrt ("flame") into her house in the desert of R< of aeternity, not separated from her by violence

11. the dead go about in the necropolis in order to repel the enemy who is is the said land [of R< of aeternity ?]

12. Wsr-h.d [= Wsr-h.3t as the Nile] cometh from Nwn

13. coming of Dh.wty [with his spirits], replacing in the seats of the goddesses

14. making swd3t ("health") [the lifetime in Letopolis]

15. rebellion in the shrine (?)

16. opening of the sid ("window"), looking into the doorways of Karnak; not see darkness

17. not pronounce name of Swth, lest he [pronouncer] fight in house aeternally

18. Nwt counteth the days

19. birth of Nwt; foreign land [personified as] M3-Imw (?); not see s^w ("light")

20. not see s^w ("light")


22. birth of the mysterious one with his limbs [not of Apophis, who lacked limbs !]; not get thought of pronouncing the name of the snakes; catching [his children] born to him in Dp

23. H.r in km-wr ["black-great" ?] of his years in his very beautiful images

24. not go out on any road

25. great tri [qri "cry" ?] which gods of Dsrt[-places] made

26. he was sent into the cave without the knowledge of the great ones (?) to look for Sp ["occasion"-god] of coming

27. not do anything

28. Wsir in Abydos; Onnophris putteth up the twryt-tree

29. good

30. names of the <ryt ["doorways" of the horizon] come into existence

Proyet 4

1. great feast [in heaven] of smiting the enemy as rebels against their mistress (?)

2. Gb proceedeth to throne of Busiris to see Inpw, who commandeth the d3d3t ("council") on the hrt ("requirements")

3. fighting of the great ones with the ouraios, appointing her on the spot to create this eye of H.r the elder [thitherto blind]; lion who pronounceth the name of S^smw [the "oil-press"-god in decan Orion] will pass away

4. the gods & goddesses are satified when they see the children of Gb [the five gods called Wrw -- CT II, 115 ff., also 144 spell 119] sitting in their places

5. H.r is well when Ds^rt [the "red one", goddess of Buto: planet Mars] seeth his form

6. going forth of the stars, dh.rt ("sad") publicly; seeing small cattle will pass away

7. going forth of Min into the imw ("tent") l.p.h.; the gods jubilating; incense on the fire

8. the Ennead in adoration [see] this eye of [H.r] the elder in its place: revised are all it parts 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, 1/64 in it in counting

[9.] not go out [at the time of] darkness when [R<] goeth in it [solar eclipse ??]

10. [introducing] the great ones before R< [to the wholeness of the wd3t]

11. [gods] of the shrines in the temple

12. not approach Mntw; in digging [viz. on any road, or dancing] look not at it at all

13. any wind: conducting [Nfw, or else] Wsir [via] his ship to Abydos

[14.] the crew go about the gods to look for [the confoederates of Swth]; not be courageous

15. happy in eastern horizon of heaven when instructions were given to the followers of the gods in their temples in the presence of the great ones in the 2 horizons

16. going forth of H^pri who heareth the words of his followers there; every town in joy

17. going forth of Swth, son of Nwt, to disturb the great ones who check his in his town of Sw ["reckoning", in Herakleopolite nome]: these gods recognized him [in disguise ?], and they repelled his followers

[18.] not wash self

19. feast in Heliopolis; good

[20.] not [do any work] while he [repelleth those who rebel]; who passeth [them, will suffer from hry-k3 ("copulation with bull")

[21.] not go out on [any road]

22. [killing] the children of Bds^

23. offering [in] Abydos; invocation-offering to the spirits

24. [not mention name of] Swth in [a loud voice]; [rebellion] which he hath done [against] Onnophris; mentioning his name forgetfully fighting [is made] in his house [for ever]

25. [no eat anything] on water [water-fowl ?]; cutting into the tongue of Sbk [or, offering from the tongue of the ng-crocodile = <Anty's enemy]


27. goddess Sh^mt is angry (?) in the land of Tmh.w

28. good

29. the gods are satisfied [when] they give adoration to Onnophris, incense being on the fire; local gods [are given] myrrh

30. offer to Itm, ford of the 2 lands [of Heliopolis], [and] to all the gods

S^omw 1

1. [feast of H.r] , [son of] Isis, and his followers

2. not in any wind

3. [good]

4. follow H.r

5. [feast of Ba-nb-]ddt [the god of sexual fertility]; [disease abandoneth him until] he dieth

6. coming of the great ones from the House of R< rejoicing when they receive the Wd3t-eye together with their followers

7. the crew follow H.r in the foreign land, examining its list therein when he smote him who rebelled against his master

8. good

9. good; Ennead

[10.] proceeding of the white one of heaven upstream to seek at the front among [those who rebelled against their] master in the Delta

11. [in his attendance] [h.wt-dsrt]

[12.] not goeth forth his body


14. <pp

[15?] cutting into [the tongue of the enemy of] Sbk

[16?] [any one born] will die

[17?] not go out of [house]

[18?] good; the Ennead is in joy and the crew [of R<] is in festivity

19. counting in the praesence of [a deity] by Dh.wty who heard M3<t; all gods are in great festivity

20. M3<t judgeth in front of these gods [all gods ?] who became angry [because her judgements were too severe ?] in the island of the sanctuary; H.r revised it [the judgements by her ?]

21. vomiting the things which come back from the boat, so that no follower (?) of R< remaineth in his attendance {cf. residual food-rations of Nausithoos with Theseus on the ship returning from Knossos}

22. die in old age

23. [good]

24. words of (?) the rebels


26. [good]

27. Babai

28. great

[29?] [good]

[30.] happy

S^omw 2

1. Wsir

2. O heart of the gods, listen very well!; crew of R< in festivity

3. month of the follower of R<: fixed in heaven as a feast

4. not shout at anybody while that which Gb & Nwt have done is counted on the hands of the gods [counted up to 10, or by 10s, on the fingers!]

5. good

6. H.r proceedeth to repel what was done against his father and to inquire from the followers of his father Onnophris

7. not go out during waking-time; executioners of Sh^mt by names [summoning victims by calling roll ?]

8. R< & his followers make a good day [greeting ?]

9. make incense of sweet herbs for his [R<] followers

10. noble

11. not sail in boat on river; catching birds & fish [by] the followers of R<

12. good

13. Wd3t in Dp, and her followers [also] singing & chanting on offering of incense [and sweet herbs]

14. good

15. judge not thyself; fighting their rebellion

16. die great as a magistrate

17. not go out, nor do anything, nor any work

18. not eat meat of any lion; going forth of H^nty of the god's house to the august mountain; who smell death & skin-rash will not be healthy for ever {"blessed is the man who eateth lion" --- Gospel According to Thomas};

19. the Ennead saileth, they are much [sailings] in the entire land [voyages of exploration or of survey ?]; judging the great ones

20. [many die] when they come with adverse wind; not go out with any wind

21. the living W<rty ["leg", the name of a decan], children of Nwt [born from between her legs, in sky ?]; go out at h.d-t3 (9th hour of night)

22. disturbance below and uproar of the gods of the kri-shrines when S^w was complaining to R< about the great ones of infinity

23. the crew rest when they see the enemy of their master

24. good

25. [pacified] are the Ah^t-eye, every thing and everybody; pleasant to the gods & R<

26. going forth of Neith: she treadeth in the flood [in order to] look for things of Sbk

27. cutting of heads and tying of wsr ("throats") and occurrence of the bh3 ("flight") among the gods; not [do] any work

28. purifying things & offerings in Busiris; the gods in festivity

29. good

30. going forth of S^w with the intention to bring back the Wd3t-eye, and appeasing Dh.wty

S^omw 3

1. great feast in the southern heaven: the mistress of heaven, [month of feast] in festivity

2. every god & every goddess in festivity & great SG3 ("astonishment") in H.w Dsrt ["sacred temple" (personified as goddess) of son of DDI] {cf. Old English rune SeGeL; Biblical Do^DaY}

3. anger of the divine ["Majesty" of nbt-pt]; not do anything

4. good

5. not god out, nor proceed in boat, nor do any work; departure of this goddess [ ?] to the place wherefrom she came; the gods sad about them ["temple" & "majesty" ?]

6. not fight nor make uproar while every goddess is in this manner

7. sailing of the gods after the Majesty of the goddess; a flame taketh place in front of everybody {cf. Irish & Arawak mythic voyages to isle inhabited by women only; likewise of the Argonauts to Lemnos}

8. not beat anybody nor strike anybody (?); massacre of the followers of the Majesty of the goddess

9. the gods happy because R< is at peace with the Ah^t-eye

10. creating enmity; the gods in the shrine are sad

11. introducing the great ones by R< to the booth to see what he had observed through the eye of H.r the elder; they were with heads bent down when they saw an eye of H.r [the elder] being angry in front of R<; not perform any ritual

12. reception of R<, [his] followers are in festivity

13. this god proceedeth sailing westward to see Onnophris

14. not warm the house with burning flame with any glow: anger of the eye of H.r the elder

15. Pth. heareth your words in the praesence of every god & every goddess; see every good thing in your house

16. transmitting M3<t to the shrine by R< in Heliopolis: these gods learned why she was much blamed for it

17. escape of the fugitive [eye]; the gods became deprived of R< who had come to hand over the rebels to him in their path

18. going forth of M3<t & R< [in] secret: this copulation with a bull

19. not repeat embracing of arms, nor do any work; breaking into water [diving?]

20. not go out on any road

21. good

22. not see digging, skin-rash, nor fever; Spa in R-dwy [= r3-3w "Tura"; or, r3yt-gland]

23. quarrelling & reproaching with Onnophris

24. children of Bds^: the gods killed them when he came and he sailed to the south

25. not go out at midday; the great enemy is in temple of Sh^mt

26. good

27. sailing on river; overthrowing of enclosure-wall (BD 169, 6)

28. creating misery, bringing terror into existence

29. Mwt in S^ra (horse-shoe-shaped lake in Karnak); feeding the gods & her [Mwt] followers

30. good

S^omw 4

1. transmitting <3bt-offerings [to] those in heaven; every god & every goddess in feast of Onnophris

2. Truth [& all gods] perform rites as one who is in heaven

3. [proceeding of this goddess (M3<t ?)] to Heliopolis of R<; not go out to do anything

4. procession of Spd with his followers, in a state of youth & remaining [youthful]; never will she (M3<t ?) be able to find a living soul {cf.: after C^en-O stole elixir of immortality, she (C^en-O) became solitary in moon; moon is (acc. to Bushmen) a feather, emblem of M3<t}

5. M3nr of Sh^m "Letopolis" in festivity, Min being in Ah^mim

6. transmitting Rnpy (the "rejuvenated, young" one = Spd as in day # 4 ?) in Rostau and hiding [the mysteries] of the conspirators

7. the dead one gorth out in the necropolis and cometh on earth; who approacheth will copulate with bull and not recover until dieth}

8. good

9.noble honor

10. repulsion of the crew who was [in] the Delta; entering of the eye of R< into his horizon when he seeth his beauty [in mirror ?]

11. causing disturbance in praesence of the followers of R<; repelling the confoederates of Swth into the eastern country

12. jubilation; those in shrine happy

13. joining for the son of Wsir back of the portal by Swth {cf. future king of Ludia behind door in queen's bedroom, acc. to Herodotos}

14. establishing her seat & hall [beside] god-portal [on the] first occasion

15. not go out on any road; going forth of R<, to propitiate [his father] Nwn in his cavern [in front of] his followers

16. give water to m S^t3 ("those who are [in] the underworld") [among] Ennead of the Imntt ("West"): pleasant to your it ("father") & mwt ("mother") who are in the necropolis

17. good

18. the crew is leading the rebels; lion who goeth out on earth will be blind and they will say: he (lion) will not live {cf.: S^ims^o^n who saw lion became blind}

19. celebrate your god, appease your spirit, for this eye of H.r hath returned complete

20. not kill <nh^yt-serpent; cleansing & revision of the noble ones: silence because of it to propitiate the Wd3t-eye

21. good

23. Nwt in festivity with the effect that the good I< ("bath") of the gods

24. <3bt-offerings to the gods in the praesence of R<

25. the god is established in front of the crew of R< who is happy in the h.wt-dsrt

26. the gods [sail] with all winds {cf. Odusseus sailing from isle of Aiolos}

27. earth: not do anything

28. [feast] on Min

29. temple of Skr, estate of Pth., those are in this estate being healthy

30. anything which cometh forth [sprouting ?] in the estate of Pth. will be good; sing & offer much

Epagomenal days: hungereth not, thirsteth not (p. 50: cf. Pyr131). (p. 56, Verso XVII): 5 Jars

1. eye of H.r [or, ir-h.r-st], g3-bull, who is pure in his field

2. H.r [the fearful fighter who is in his swnw] fighteth the timid one in his pool

3. H.r, the falcon who seeeth the rower [or, the rudder]

4. Isis, the 3bdw-fish who is pure at the front of the wi3-boat

5. -h.3t, the child who is in his nest {cf. Chinese "Nest-builders"}


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