Antient Aiguptian Magical Texts, 70-145

[cited by page & (section/spell)]


p. 44 (70) to quench thirst of a child

Thy thirst is taken away by 3GR WE (‘Great Abundance’) to heaven, O! ph^-bird. Thy mouth is like that of the h^bs (greedy birds?) over the efflux.

pp. 44-5 (71) beginning of a spell

p. 44

"It is from Sais that I have set forth with the mothers of the gods ... .

Utterances (tsw) belong to me that the Lord-of-all had made".

p. 45

He turneth the script into words. He maketh dmdy.t (‘compilations’); he giveth useful knowledge.

p. 46 (73) words spoken by Nephthus, to enhance medicine

Thy "mouth will be disclosed by Sokar with that chisel of bronze of his."

This spell is "as useful ... as the striking of an <h^y-bird, as the listening of the Sea to the voice of" SWTH [p. 102 n. 61 a version of the conflict between Yam (‘Sea’) and Ba<al]

p. 46 (74) a spell for bringing phr.t (‘medicine’)

This is h^3<-s3w (‘protection’) as safe as "a threshing-floor which is fenced."

The one sfh^ (‘dislocating’[, scil. the joints of]) my body will find that S^ (‘Lake’ [the name of a god, p. 106 n. 177]) hath stood up against him; that the <fd.t ‘coffer’ in 3bdw hath been opened for him; that the h.wi,.t (‘surge’) of the Lake surgeth up for him.

Hail to thee, O! h^t (‘cudgel’) of try (‘willow-wood’).

p. 47 (75) a spell for the honey

The honey hath "arrived to cross over to the locusts" in a divine barque : against the NNY.w (male weariers), the H^MY.w (male demolishers), the NNY.wt (female weariers), the H^MY.wt (female demolishers).

p. 47 (76) a spell for the beer

This dsr.t (‘ale’) was mashed in P; was mixed in Dp – drink it h.b3 (‘foaming’?).

" ‘Honey!’ -- is what the gods said in whose heart was bitterness."

Thou belongest to the thunder-storm.

p. 47 (77) a spell of applying medicine to the twain eyen

That eye of H.R hath come which the Souls of Heliop olis h^nm (‘nursed’, p. 107 n. 184); which DH.WTY brought from Ggws (Kousai).

p. 48 (80) a spell for mrh..t-oil for any medicine

A goddess and and a god [they are the clothing-goddess and the clothing-god, p. 107. n. 188] save the eye of H.R from the s^w.t (‘shadow’) of the dead.

p. 50 (83) a spell of protection against praedator-beasts

Protection to shut the mouths of m3i,w (‘lions’) and of h.ty (‘huainas’);

to cause the wns^ (‘jackal’) to stand still.

pp. 56-8 (87) deities praesiding over the bodily members of the cat : "O! Cat, ..."


thy __

is that (are those) of __

who is __




Lord of the 2 Lands



3H^t (‘Glory’)

who sheddeth "light on a face on a road in darkness."




"the twice great one" [who giveth "air to the nose of all" (p. 57)]




who heareth the prayers of all




Lord of Life and of sm3-i,h^.t (‘offerings’)




prominent in the Palace


h.3ty ‘breast’

Lord of Righteousness

hath "given air to the intestines" {is god of farting?}


i,b ‘heart’


Lord of Athribis [or else, the heart is that of PTH. (p. 108 n. 213)]




saved from any biting snake




Lord of Bousiris




Lord of Thebai




who traveleth "through all the lands every day"




[who hath kept thy feet on the ground (p. 58)]


h^ps^ ‘paws’


who avenged his father



3St & Nephthus

phr (‘passed’ through’) lands


h^pd ‘buttocks’


‘Great Swimming One’ ["heavenly cow ... swimming on the waters of chaos." (p. 107 n. 203)]

pp. 58-9 (88) god is awakened from within coffin in order to save a man

p. 58

O! thou who art in thy db3.t (‘coffin’), awake!

p. 59

They name is "side-of-the-head (gs-d3d3)" [location of "migraine" headache (p. 104 n. 114)], "watchful-one-whose-horror-is-sleep (rsi, bw.t=f)" {Kemetic commoner persons suffered headaches more frequently than any other people in the world because they were forced to assent to the excessively hypocritical creed (concocted by the rich) of praetending that the rich (nobility) had special privileges after death in the Netherworld}

p. 60 (90) the 7 deities of wh.<.t (‘scorpion’) are dispelled

scorpions close behind



scorpions under the palanquin



scorpions keeping the road free




pp. 69-70 (93) various poisons are dispelled

p. 69

As a child, H.R had been stabbed (ddb) by a dl (‘scorpion’);

and a i,nts^ (‘spider’?) had ambushed (si,n) him.

p. 70

H.R in Msq.t (heavenly region) is the great bnw (‘heron’) who was born on the top of a tr.t (‘willow’) in the house of the Great Magistrate; and

is the brother of the abdw-fish "who announces that which is going to happen."

The infant H.R was nursed by a tib-cat [goddess B3S.t (p. 109 n. 244)] in the house of Neith; while a rr.t (‘sow) and a i,h.ty (‘midget’) [goddess Thoeris and god BS (p. 109 n. 245)] protected him.

p. 71 (95)

"When he opens his eye, the sunlight comes about.

When he closes it, darkness comes about."

"I am the Bull of the Eastern Mountain (B3hw),

the lion of the Western Mountain (M3nw)".

"the master of light (nb wnw) ... renewed this writing ... from the domain of ... Mnevis,

in order to keep alive the name of a man whom Death ... had (already) caught (sph.)".

p. 72 (97) wife of H.R

H.R deflowered goddess T3-BI,Tt on a bed of ebony.

p. 73 (99) wife of H.R

H.R’s wife BI,Tt is daughter of SPW.

p. 73 (101) goddess-daughter of cobra-goddess

O! mistress I,NMYt (‘skin-weareress’?) who is daughter of NMSYt (‘hooded’ [scil. female "cobra", p. 109, n. 263]).

pp. 74-5 (102) allegedly self-appellative names recited by a respondent god; each name being successively rejected by the inquirer until the last name is accepted

p. 74


"Yesterday", "Today", "Tomorrow which has not yet come."


"a Quiver, full of arrows."


"a Man of an infinite number of cubits, whose appearance is not known."


"a Threshing floor as strong as bronze, which no cow has ever trodden."


"a Jug of milk milked from the udder of Bastet."

p. 75

"a Man of an infinite number of cubits, whose name is ‘Evil Day’."

pp. 75-6 (104) to eliminate snake-poison

pp. 75-6

H.R hath sni, (‘conjured’);

p. 76

he hath bh.n (‘crushed’) the poison.


Turn thyself, btw (‘venomous snake’); sdi, (‘draw out’) thy poison.


"Words to be said over a divine falcon with a pair of plumes on its head, made of tamarisk-wood, ... with its beak (fnd) opened."

p. 77 (105) a spell for t3i, (‘catching’) a scorpion

"I will cut off 77 heads that are on that great god who lies down

and then I will cut off the hand of Horus

and blind the eye of Seth

and seize the mouth of the Great Ennead,

and then I will set fire to Busiris and burn up Osiris".

p. 77 (106) against a scorpion

I am the h.f3w (‘snake’) which came forth from Heliopolis;

I am the h^fty ‘enemy’ [scil., of I,TM (p. 110, n. 267)].

p. 78 (111) against a scorpion

"a sister of the snake is the scorpion (dl), a sister of" <PP,

lying in wait for one who goeth in the night.

Of one who is coming [in the night],

may his __

be as if it were __



front of feet


p. 80 (115) protection against poison

"A rejoicing (nhm) and a chattering (grk.r) ..., loaded with a mysterious falcon!"

SWTH is on my right,

H.R on my left;

Nephthus is in my embrace.

"I will not let bread (bi,.t) be made,

I will not permit a brew being made in jars for the 365 gods who lie down hungry."

{Would this suggest that the 365 Basilidean deities are beer-swillers?}

p. 81 (119) heron

"That heron (bnw), which is titting down – the two crests (? m3.ty) of the tendon in its vertex were drawn out and fitted with 7 knots."

p. 82 (120) conjuration against dl (‘scorpions’)

"The voice of the conjurer (s^ni,w) while calling for the poison [to emerge],"

like the voice of __

[calling] for __


his Ennead


his writings

nd (‘flour’)

bs^ (‘malt’ [p. 110, n. 281])


[mtw.t ‘semen’ (p. 110, n. 282)]

pp. 82-3 (121) garlic as white of eye

p. 82

"for the garlic (h.dw)" when thou entrest the house, "in that name ‘mouth-opener’ (wpw-r)" [allusion to the flavor of garlic (p. 110, n. 284)].

p. 83

"White (h.d) ["h.d, pun on h.dw, ‘garlic’!" (p. 110, n. 285)] Eye" which hath come forth from the earth – "may it protect (nd)".

p. 86 (124) invocation against a crocodile

your [crocodiles’] __

are __

by __










pp. 86-7 (125) against the crocodile Maga

p. 86

"Backwards, Maga, son of Seth! ...

p. 87

The finger of the 77 gods is in" thine eyen;

whilst thou art "bound to the four posts (sh^n.t) of Upper Egyptian greenstone which are in the prow of the" barque of R<.

p. 87 (126) emergence of god MIN from the nest

"nestling who is prominent on the Island-of-Knives (i,w dsds)" : I shall emerge with thee from thy nest.

I am MIN of Koptos.

pp. 87-8 (127) spell in the pupil of the eye

p. 87

If the name be pronounced on the river, it will dry up;

pp. 87-8

If the name be pronounced on the earth, produce a flame.

p. 88

To be said over a wd3.t (‘sound eye’) with an image [" ‘pupil’ (of the eye)" (p. 111, n. 300)] of Onouris inside it.

p. 88 (128) H^NWM

Come unto me, thou image of H.H. N H.H..w (‘Infinity of Infinities’) : thou, H^NWM, only son, who wast conceived yesterday and who wast born to-day; who hast 77 eyen and 77 ears!

Come unto me, that thou mayst cause my voice to heard as was heard the voice of the Great Cackler in the night! I am B<H. (‘Great Abundance’).

p. 88 (129) 3St

3St "struck with her wing; she closed the mouth of the river.

She caused the fishes to lie down on the mud-shoal".

H.R hath had sexual intercourse with his mother 3St.

"Her tears are falling into the water."

"An arm{-lobe} (? mh.) of a red fish (w3d) {coelacanth intended?} in the mouth of a baboon, an arm (? [mh.]) of red wood (h^t w3d) in the mouth of the Morning god (dw3w ?)."

p. 89 (130) exorcism of water

P<p< {[<ar.] Fa<Fa< ‘kid (young goat’); ‘bleating of sheep’ [LA-L 3:359b]} rk {[<ibri^] RaK ‘tender’}; p<p< rk; rr.

H^NWM doth not s^r (‘threaten"?);

TI,KMt doth not s^di, (‘exorcize’).

LA-L = Georgii Wilhelmi Freytagii : Lexicon Arabico-Latinum. Beirut, 1975.

p. 89 (132) spell for mh. (‘swimmer’)

Hail to thee, baboon

whose __

is (are) __


7 cubits






nfr (‘flame’)

p. 89 (133) a spell for those who are submerged

do not __

I am __

twn (‘butt’)


wnwn (‘move threateningly’)


raise thine arms against me


reach out

S^DW (‘Saviour’)

p. 90 (134) midget of heaven ["dwarf-like form of the sun god" (p. 111, n. 306)]

O! "dwarf here of heaven, ... the great support that extends from heaven unto the Underworld, the lord of the great corpse, which rests in Heliopolis ... ! ...

Guard (s3w) him by day,

watch (rsi,) him by night,

protect (mki,) him ... from Him-with-the-hidden-name".

p. 92 (138) against the cobra

"ram (rhn), (he) the son of the sheep (sr.t)". "Great and mysterious gods, come , that" ye may hear what the ram hath said, "the son of the sheep,

the one who stands up the water when it flows downstream and

then stands up to the northwind when it blows to the south".

pp. 95-6 (145) the hand of I,TM

p. 95

"This here is the hand of Atum ["the primeval god’s first mating with his own hand, to start creation. This hand also occurs deified as the goddess Ius<a>as." (p. 112, n. 332)] which dispelled

the fury (ns^ni,) of heaven,

the disturbance (h^nm) which was in Heliopolis, ...

on that day ... of the House of the Cobra (h.w.t-i,<r.t), Ius<a>as,

when Re< had turned himself into an ichneumon (<d) of 46 cubits".

The goddess ["Ius<a>as" (p. 112, n. 334)] hath expelled every

p. 96

sdb (‘ailment’), every <b (‘impurity’).

"I have united (si,m3) all his members, ...

I have tended (? sm<r) his ailments (sdb.w)".


possibly cognate words







mt ‘dead’


[Indon.] MuTu ‘death’


i,y ‘to come’


[Lat.] I-re ‘to go’


i,3-t ‘backbone’


[Lat.] ILe ‘groin’


mr ‘illness’


[Skt.] MR. ‘to die’


s^di, ‘breast-feeding’

S^aD ‘teat’



i,sdd ‘trembler’

YSoD ‘foundation’



nb ‘lord’

NBi> ‘prophet’




<aLaP ‘to faint’



h^pr ‘ghost’

H.aPaR ‘to dig’ (scil., a grave?)



s^di, ‘saviour’

S^aDDaY ‘Almighty’



s3w ‘protection’


[Lat.] ‘SaLVa-tio’


h.wi,.t ‘surge’




try ‘willow’




H^MY.w ‘Male Demolishers’

H.aM (who saw father naked {demolished his clothing?})



3H^.t ‘Glory’


[<ar.] LaH^t ‘great’ [LA-L 4:95a]


NISABA, Vol. 9 = J. F. Borghouts (transl.): Ancient Egyptian Magical Texts. Brill, Leiden, 1978.